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Mick Foley unveils a brand-new championship for WWE

Mick Foley unveils a brand-new championship for WWE
Mick Foley unveils the new 24/7 title. Pic credit: WWE

Mick Foley came out on Monday Night Raw and said that he had some “business” to take care of involving a new title in WWE.

Foley started out saying that there is something missing from Monday Night Raw lately, and WWE needs to get “Raw again.”

Foley then said that this new title is for superstars who want to step up to make their mark. Foley said that titles are not just something to defend but something you will sacrifice for — “that is how being a legend is born.”

Foley, as usual, cut a great promo about what it means to be a champion — “24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

Mick Foley then introduced the newest title in WWE — the 24/7 title. Not surprisingly, the fans didn’t sound too excited about it and there were a lot of boos in the audience.

Mick Foley didn’t seem to be ready for fans to not care. He went on to reveal that anyone could challenge for the title at any time, anywhere. This makes it the same as the old hardcore title in that respect, where anyone who wanted the title could challenge it every week.

The third hour of Raw this week included wrestlers competing for this 24/7 title. Foley said he would leave the ring and every superstar on the Raw, SmackDown, 205 Live, NXT, and NXT: UK roster, as well as any WWE legend as well, has a chance.

Foley laid the title in the ring and said that whoever gets the title first wins the belt. The mid-card wrestlers ran to the ring to try to get the title.

After they fought for a while. Titus O’Neil grabbed the title and became the first ever 24/7 Champion. Robert Roode then ran out and pinned O’Neil at the top of the ramp before he was chased to the back.

That makes Robert Roode the new 24/7 Champion and anyone who watched the ridiculous moments during the hardcore title era knows what is coming over the next few weeks.

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