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Mick Foley explains purpose of new WWE 24/7 title, says he is disappointed with his promo

R-Truth pictured with the new 24/7 title
Mick Foley says 24/7 title is for fans who miss the hardcore title. Pic credit: WWE

Last night on Monday Night Raw, Mick Foley came out to the ring at the top of the third hour and introduced a new title to WWE fans.

When he pulled the title out of the bag and introduced the 24/7 title to the fans, there were boos and then silence from the crowd. No one in attendance seemed happy about it.

After the skirmish that determined the new champion (Titus O’Neil) and the title change seconds later (Robert Roode) and the new champion crowned in the parking lot (R-Truth), Mick Foley talked about the new title.

Foley said that this was the new WWE version of the hardcore title, but updated for today’s WWE.

“[Fans] were disappointed when I didn’t unveil the Hardcore Title, you know, but you can’t turn back those hands of time,” Foley said. “We can introduce something that’s new and exciting that has elements of that Hardcore Title. It’s fresh and I think people will really be enjoying it in the weeks moving forward.”

Fans might remember that the WWE hardcore title also had a 24/7 rule during the Attitude Era. Fans who have been asking for a return to the Attitude Era just got something and don’t seem happy about it.

Former WWE superstar Elijah Burke posted on Twitter that he didn’t understand why fans were booing the introduction of the 24/7 title. Foley blamed himself.

Another fan on Twitter mentioned that they think fans will warm up to the 24/7 title due to the unpredictability of the title changes and Foley agreed with that statement.

There is also some backstage news on why Mick Foley introduced the 24/7 title at the top of the third hour. In his promo, Foley said that the third hour of Monday Night Raw was going to get “downright mean and nasty — a little bit dirty” in the future.

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Fightful reported that WWE has plans to make the third hour of Monday Night Raw more “raw” which also sounds like a return to the Attitude Era storylines — something to try to help raise ratings that have been falling recently.

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