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Matt Riddle makes WWE debut at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn IV, everything you need to know about the new WWE superstar

Matt Riddle makes WWE debut at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn IV, everything you need to know about the new WWE superstar
Matt Riddle at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn IV. Credit: WWE

The WWE loves to use their NXT TakeOver events to introduce new stars, but they like to do it by showing them as members of the audience watching the show.

WWE NXT TakeOver Brooklyn IV was no different as the company introduced Matt Riddle in the audience.

Matt Riddle, who is truly a “Bro” had the fans chanting “Bro” before the cameras even showed him. Wearing a suit, a ball cap and — yes — flip flops, Riddle is the latest member of the WWE NXt roster.

So, who is Matt Riddle?

The WWE had a small article focused on the signing of Matt Riddle to the WWE NXT brand on their website. The WWE informed their fans that Riddle is the “King of Bros” and was a UFC fighter as well as the former EVOLVE Champion and two-time PROGRESS Atlas Champion in professional wrestling.

What else do we know about Matt Riddle?

Matt Riddle took place in The Ultimate Fighter and scored a huge knockout that impressed everyone from Dana White to Rampage Jackson. That led to him making his UFC debut in 2008.

Riddle’s record would have been 9-3 with four straight wins, but there was one problem. He failed two marijuana tests and had to forfeit two of those wins. That also led to Dana White finally firing Riddle from the UFC.

Riddle ranks third in UFC history for takedown defense percentage and right in total strikes landed, but he couldn’t stay clean long enough to make it in MMA.

In 2014, Matt Riddle began training for a career in professional wrestling.

In our interview with Ring of Honor superstar Punishment Martinez, the ROH TV champion said that he trained Riddle after the UFC fighter wanted to break into professional wrestling.

“I guess because we had the martial arts in common, it was a little easier for me to kind of give him advice as to how to combine his style with pro wrestling,” Martinez said.

“And then, on top of that, he’s just such a student of the game and such a fan that it was just easier for him to pick it up just an all-around in general.”

Riddle proved in EVOLVE to now only be one of the best in-ring wrestlers on the indie scene but one of the best characters in the indies as well.

He lost the EVOLVE Championship on August 4 after it was hinted at that he had signed with the WWE.

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