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Matt Hardy’s #FreeTheDELETE series has huge crossover with AEW’s Being the Elite

Matt Hardy's #FreeTheDELETE series has huge crossover with AEW's Being the Elite
Matt Hardy greets AEW’s The Young Bucks in new #FreeTheDELETE episode. Pic credit: MATTHARDYBRAND/YouTube

In this week’s episode of Being the Elite, Matt and Nick Jackson received a phone call at the end from a North Carolina phone number.

Matt told his brother that they had one more stop to make before they could go home.

Many people suspected that was Matt Hardy, whose contract with WWE came to an end on March 1.

Those people were right.

The Young Bucks appear on #FreeTheDELETE

For those fans who don’t follow Matt Hardy on Twitter or watch his brilliant broken YouTube shows, #FreeTheDELETE is a series that Hardy started a few months ago.

It was clear that he was not happy with his creative position in WWE and wanted to do something to stretch those creative muscles until his WWE contract came to an end.

There was also a lot to read into the series, as Matt Hardy was showing in the new serialized episodes that he felt captive.

The episodes used a lot of the symbolism from his Broken Matt Universe that he started in Impact Wrestling before morphing into a Woken Matt persona for a short time in WWE.

He found himself possessed by some evil spirit from the past that was trying to turn to destroy him.

He tried to fight it, but things were getting too strong for him.

Finally, on the 10th episode of #FreeTheDELETE, he called for help.

It was clear from the start that this was in reference to the end of the recent episode of Being the Elite.

The video below of Being the Elite is queued to start at the moment that Matt and Nick Jackson get their phone call and then the video below that shows Matt Hardy’s new #FreeTheDELETE episode.

As you saw, the end of #FreeTheDELETE episode 10 saw an SUV pull into the Hardy Compound and Matt and Nick Jackson got out.

Matt greeted them with the now familiar, “Bucks of Youth. I knew you would come.”

Matt Hardy and AEW

What will happen next for Matt Hardy?

It is almost assured that Matt Hardy is coming to AEW after watching the Young Bucks show up in his #FreeTheDELETE video.

The rumors all along are that Matt Hardy was going to join All Elite Wrestling as the Exalted One and the leader of The Dark Order.

Whether that is what he does or not, these two videos show that The Young Bucks and Matt Hardy are working together at least in some manner.

AEW Dynamite airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on TNT.

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