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Matt Hardy teases new schizophrenic WWE gimmick

Matt Hardy teases new schizophrenic WWE gimmick
Matt Hardy has a new idea for a WWE character. Pic credit: WWE

Matt Hardy looked last year like he was going to retire due to injuries. However, his time off has done him good and he recently returned as part of the Hardy Boyz.

Last time fans saw Hardy, he was Woken Matt Hardy, taking on the persona that he used in Impact Wrestling as Broken Matt. He even had a WWE Network special from the Hardy Compound that was hilarious.

However, after winning the tag team titles with Bray Wyatt, his back injuries worsened and he left WWE to recover. Now that he is back, Woken Matt is gone.

However, Hardy is not finished with his desire to portray characters over just being a daredevil member of the Hardy Boyz — especially since his age and injuries have made it impossible to do what he used to do in the ring.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that, while Hardy is working with his brother Jeff Hardy again, he has pitched a new character to WWE. He wants to be a schizophrenic wrestler and switch in and out of his past characters, without realizing it.

Hardy could take on the roles of Matt Hardy, Matt Hardy VI, Woken/Broken Matt and another persona he created in Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor — Big Money Matt.

That latter one was where Hardy was arrogant and felt he was above others since he saved his money and could do what he wanted. Here is a Big Money Matt promo that he recently shot for his YouTube channel.

There is no telling if the WWE will listen to Matt Hardy and let him take on what he calls “The Multifarious” Matt Hardy gimmick, but Hardy has proven to be very smart when it comes to his characters. It couldn’t hurt.