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Matt Hardy reveals what he thinks about Vince McMahon after leaving WWE for AEW

Matt Hardy reveals what he thinks about Vince McMahon after leaving WWE for AEW
Matt Hardy talks Vince McMahon. Pic credit: AEW

When Luke Harper left WWE for AEW and showed up as The Exalted One Brodie Lee, he made a comment that slammed Vince McMahon.

Brodie said to Christopher Daniels, “you aren’t the only out of touch old man who didn’t believe in me.”

However, Matt Hardy, who showed up on the same show, had different thoughts.

Matt Hardy on Vince McMahon

Matt Hardy is very different in his opinion of Vince McMahon and falls more in line with what Chris Jericho has said in the past.

Someone on Twitter asked if Hardy still liked Vince McMahon after his last year in WWE.

Hardy, inequitably, said he has “great respect for Vince & will always be grateful for the opportunities he gave me.”

Hardy then said he had to leave because he and McMahon did not share the same vision for his future.

“My decision to leave was ultimately based on business & to ensure my own happiness going forward.”

Matt Hardy talks his ideas for WWE

Matt Hardy was on Talk is Jericho and said that he had pitched ideas to Vince McMahon and Triple H. He then said that if Triple H was in charge, he might have gotten his ideas accepted.

However, McMahon didn’t get it.

Hardy pitched the idea of having vignettes from the Hardy Compound, similar to what he did with his Broken Matt days in TNA Impact Wrestling.

He said this was back at the end of 2018 when The Authority said they were going to start to listen to the fans and give them what they want.

Hardy asked for about 10 minutes a week of the show that would be called the “Broken Block.” He would take a few guys that were not used much like Chad Gable, Ali, and Apollo Crews, and put them in his show to do stuff with them.

Hardy soon realized WWE wasn’t planning to do anything with him or his ideas.

Matt Hardy and NXT

A fan posted on Twitter that they were disappointed with Matt Hardy for not taking the opportunity to have full creative control on NXT and have his own stable.

This was a case of a fan not understanding any of the news or rumors they were reading. Hardy was never promised “full creative control” on NXT and Hardy responded to the tweet to explain his decision to go to AEW.

“I appreciate your passion, but it’s ultimately the same boss. My creative input is unquestionably greater at AEW.”

Even though Triple H runs NXT, he still has to answer to Vince McMahon since it is on USA Network. Plus, as Hardy pointed out, he preferred to take less money to work fewer dates, putting his family first.

No one can fault him for that.

Matt Hardy is now on AEW Dynamite on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on TNT.

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