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Matt Hardy returns on Raw, achieves career milestone with Buddy Murphy match

Matt Hardy returns on Raw, achieves career milestone with Buddy Murphy match
Matt Hardy vs. Buddy Murphy on Monday Night Raw. Pic credit: WWE

Just one night after WWE’s Survivor Series rocked Chicago, it was time for some surprises on Monday Night Raw. That included the return of formerly Broken Matt Hardy.

While he didn’t appear to be using that previous gimmick, fans seemed happy to see the former tag team champion back on the scene. He’d even have a match as part of the big return, taking on Buddy Murphy.

Matt Hardy’s return to Raw features Buddy Murphy match

In his big return to Raw, Matt Hardy took on former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy. He’d get in some of his signature offense including an elbow off the corner to get an advantage.

At one point, he even made the signal for his trademark Twist of Fate which brought about a “Delete” chant from the crowd. However, despite his best efforts, Hardy took the loss after taking three knees to the face from Murphy.

Even so, fans were revved up when Hardy made a surprise return on the latest Raw in Chicago, Illinois.

Matt’s match brings a Raw milestone

It also was a milestone match for Matt as WWE Stats and Info relayed the news of his feat. Matt’s big return match was his first in 2019. Hardy has been appearing on the red brand across a span of 25 years, with his first appearance way back in 1994. WWE Raw originally debuted in 1993.

One of Matt’s first opponents was the late, great Nikolai Volkoff, who at the time was an “acquisition” for The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. WWE has footage of that match (below) on their YouTube channel.

Matt would go on to lose that match, much like he lost his first match on Raw in 2019. However, that early loss didn’t deter Matt from achieving great things in his career. Even this past year, he had a brief title run.

Within the past several years, fans saw the Matt Hardy Broken gimmick, his famous match against Bray Wyatt, and their eventual team-up.

Hardy who is now 45, competed in a number of matches earlier in 2019 including WrestleMania 35’s Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Both he and his brother Jeff were involved in the match — eliminated by the winner, Braun Strowman.

Matt went on to team up with his brother Jeff on SmackDown just a few days after that to challenge New Day. The Hardy Boyz reunion brought about a tag team title reign, which lasted less than a month.

Unfortunately, they had to vacate the championship belts after Jeff suffered a serious knee injury.

Since then, Matt was absent when it came to WWE programming with the exception of an appearance in Saudi Arabia. His return to Raw makes for the milestone appearance and his first on television since April.

What’s next for Matt Hardy?

Based on Matt’s return, it looks like a singles program is once again in the cards, but his biggest fans are hoping it’s not going to result in mid-card obscurity.

The loss to Buddy Murphy on Raw looks like it could have shaken Matt Hardy up a bit in his return. WWE posted an interesting Instagram photo of Hardy staring at himself in the mirror after the tough loss.

They posted the question of “how will the defeat affect his future?” Could this be hinting at a new direction and a more serious Matt Hardy?

Over 400 comments arrived on that WWE post, with fans giving a variety of replies. Some suggested that Hardy shouldn’t be back in WWE, and at least one suggested he needs to leave for AEW.

Yet another commenter made the good point by saying, “One hardy is back…waiting another one.” Jeff, the WWE Universe is ready for your return anytime now.

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