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Luke Harper makes in-ring debut as ‘The Exalted One’ Brodie Lee on AEW Dynamite

Luke Harper makes in-ring debut as 'The Exalted One' Brodie Lee on AEW Dynamite
Brodie Lee made his in-ring AEW Dynamite debut. Pic credit: TNT

Last week, Luke Harper made his surprising AEW Dynamite debut when he ran in and attacked Christopher Daniels.

After three months of teases about The Dark Order’s Exalted One, it turned out it was Brodie Lee, with Harper returning to his old indie wrestling name.

This week, Brodie Lee made his AEW in-ring debut.

Brodie Lee promo

Before Brodie Lee came out to wrestle, he was in a backstage promo segment.

This had Brodie Lee in a suit, sitting at a table eating a steak. As The Exalted One of the Dark Order, he also had John Silver and Alex Reynolds there with him.

They also had steaks but they were both sitting still.

Brodie Lee said he was disappointed in them and didn’t know why they were struggling with his orders.

Then, things broke down.

John Silver began to cut his steak and The Exalted One freaked out. See, no one eats until he has finished his meal. He orders Silver to leave.

He sits back down and tells Alex Reynolds that he needs to get Silver in order. Reynolds looks nervous and then sneezes.

This causes Brodie Lee to freak out again. He orders Reynolds to leave because no one sneezes in his presence.

This was a huge jab at Vince McMahon.

In Chris Jericho’s book, No Is A Four Letter Word, he told a story about Vince McMahon and how you can never ask him something when he is hungry.

He even had a story about going to pitch McMahon an angle and thought that he had eaten but when he went in he saw that Triple H was also there. McMahon said he was still hungry and told Triple H to give him his steak.

Because McMahon was eating his steak, nothing that Jericho said to him at that time ever made it to fruition.

The second rib was that Vince McMahon hates it when anyone sneezes around him and there is hell to pay if it happens.

“He doesn’t like anything he can’t control, and the fact that he can’t control the sneeze is very… it makes him upset,” Stephanie McMahon said of her dad.

Brodie Lee vs. QT Marshall

After this, Brodie Lee came out and fought QT Marshall.

Anyone who never saw Brodie Lee before he entered WWE will be in for a surprise when he competes in high-quality matches. He can do a lot more than WWE allowed.

He didn’t do much here.

However, in winning, he pulled out his new finishing move again, where he sets up an opponent like Bray Wyatt did for Sister Abigail and then releases them to hit the spinning lariat clothesline.

AEW Dynamite airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on TNT.

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