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Lucha Underground update: PJ Black explains why Season 5 is delayed

Lucha Underground update: PJ Black explains why season 5 is delayed
Lucha Underground has no fifth season scheduled at this time. Pic credit: Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground seemed to come from nowhere on El Rey and ended up as one of the craziest professional shows on television.

However, after the first two seasons ensured it was a cult favorite, the third and fourth seasons saw problems arise and now a fifth may never arrive.

Unlike WWE, the Lucha Underground project was shot like a regular television show — all at once — and then edited together in seasons.

The problem came when they demanded exclusivity contracts from the talent and then went months without filming or airing anything, leaving wrestlers unemployed without the rights to work anywhere else.

That caused many wrestlers to leave, including their most dominant character Matanza Cueto, who is now in Ring of Honor, and Joey Ryan, who sued to get out of his contract.

PJ Black, who got his start in WWE as part of The Nexus (he was Justin Gabriel), worked in Lucha Underground and seems disappointed that there is no fifth season on the horizon.

In an interview with The Delz Show, Black said that the problem was due to MGM and El Rey entering into a dispute concerning the rights to the product.

“MGM owns the rights to it, so technically they can shop it around,” Black said. “I guess El Rey still owns the LLC that owns most of it somehow and those two companies are fighting.”

Because of this, Black said the two sides are just not getting along and, until they do, there will be no fifth season of Lucha Underground. He also said that the people he spoke to at MGM and El Rey both said they “don’t know” what is going to happen.

There are also problems with El Rey, as far as Black is concerned.

He said that Lucha Underground was the biggest show on El Rey and From Dusk Till Dawn was the second biggest. The network then cut From Dusk Till Dawn due to the budget and then cut the budget of Lucha Underground.

“And then I guess a bunch of cable providers dropped El Rey,” Black said. “So, I don’t know what’s going to happen with that.”

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