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Lucha Libre legend La Parka dies at 54, three months after suffering traumatic in-ring injury

Lucha Libre legend La Parka dies at 54
La Parka has died after suffering an injury during a match. Pic credit: Impact Wrestling

In some sad news, Lucha Libre legend La Parka died today at the age of 54. The news broke via Lucha Libre CMLL, the company who he worked for.

The tweet roughly translates to, REST IN PEACE LA PARKA. The CMLL joins the Lucha family who is seized by the death of the fighter La Parka, who had an outstanding track record in the history of this sport.”

Many fans might remember a La Parka, who wrestled in WCW and went by the name the Chairman of WCW, as he carried a chair, which he often played like an air guitar.

This is not the same La Parka as the one from WCW. That man went on to wrestle as LA Park.

This La Parka was also known as La Parka II during his time in Lucha Libre AAA and La Parka after that for CMLL. His real name is Jesus Alfonso Huerta Escoboza.

This death comes just three months after he suffered a serious injury in a match with the former Ring of Honor world champion Rush at a Koaz event. La Parka dove out of the ring, but missed Rush, landing against a steel barricade and the concrete floor.

La Parka was never able to recover from the injury.

Interestingly, there were many earlier reports of his death that were either falsely reported or hoaxes and the Mexican wrestling promotions had to fight the misinformation.

La Parka got his start in wrestling in 1987 and finally hit it big in 1995 when he worked as Karis la Momia for Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide. He then became La Parka Jr. in 1996 when the original La Parka went to WCW.

By 2003, the original La Parka joined CMLL and AAA fought back by banning him from using the name, which they owned. They then promoted La Parka Jr. to the new La Parka.

By 2010, LA Park returned to AAA and there was a feud between the two men and La Parka beat LA Park in the final match of their feud.

His final match came on Oct. 21, 2019, against Rush. The neck and cervical fractures he suffered left him paralyzed and could have killed him instantly. Three months later, La Parka passed on.

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