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Liv Morgan’s new look for WWE teased in Facebook video

Liv Morgan teases new look in Facebook video
Liv Morgan teases a new WWE look in video. Pic credit: WWE

Liv Morgan hasn’t done much since WWE split up the Riott Squad and moved her over to SmackDown Live. However, thanks to social media, Morgan is teasing a new look.

The video was posted to Liv Morgan’s Facebook account and was simply a camera pointed at the floor. Then, the sound of scissors started up and her famous pink hair began falling on the floor.

When Morgan was on Monday Night Raw, she was on TV a lot thanks to the popularity of the Riott Squad. However, she moved to SmackDown Live by herself and there was no telling what WWE planned for her.

She appeared in a video online during the #DAMANDYZDONUTZ YouTube show, talking to Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, two of her old friends from NXT. The three explained that they used to drive the road together and were close when they were in developmental.

While it looked like a new trios group was forming, it never happened. Instead, that video was left on social media and they never appeared together on television in any sort of action.

Instead, Liv Morgan remained completely absent from WWE television in general. Then, seemingly from out of nowhere, Morgan battled Charlotte Flair on SmackDown Live on July 16. Charlotte insulted Morgan before the match, calling her fake.

After Morgan lost that match to Charlotte, she cut a small promo. She ripped off Corey Graves’ headset and said “Charlotte was right, and when I come back I’m going to be real.” She then left in tears, limping to the back.

It has now been seven weeks since that loss and WWE never followed up on the angle. It looks like if Morgan’s Facebook video is any indication, that change to being real might be on the way.

Liv Morgan’s new look could be coming to SmackDown Live and there is no telling if her party girl gimmick will remain part of her past.

WWE SmackDown Live airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on USA Network.