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Lars Sullivan makes WWE Monday Night Raw debut: Everything we know about the man who attacked Kurt Angle

Lars Sullivan makes WWE Monday Night Raw debut: Everything we know about the man who attacked Kurt Angle
Lars Sullivan made WWE debut. Pic credit: WWE

Larsh Sullivan finally made his main roster debut on Monday Night Raw this week and attacked Kurt Angle. Here is everything we know about Sullivan.

Lars Sullivan’s Raw debut

Kurt Angle came down to the ring when Baron Corbin was bragging about beating him in the final match of his career.

However, Angle wouldn’t go out quietly. Instead, he said that he wished Corbin luck for his career — bad luck — before hitting the Angle Slam on Corbin.

After this, Angle stood in the ring and soaked in the cheers from the fans before new music hit and Lars Sullivan came down to the ring.

Kurt Angle and Lars Sullivan and stood face-to-face and as Angle looked Sullivan up and down, the big man attacked. He hit Angle with the Freak Accident and then hit a flying headbutt to finish off Angle.

Lars Sullivan anxiety issues

Lars Sullivan started off his career in NXT and became a monster. He was put into some high profile matches, including the ladder match to determine the first ever North American champion.

Lars never won a title there but he developed his character. He was a big monster wrestler but he was also well-spoken and intelligent when cutting promos — a nice contrast.

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Lars Sullivan was advertised to join the WWE main roster last Christmas but then he was sent home when he showed up and suffered an anxiety attack.

Sullivan was rumored to battle John Cena at WrestleMania 35 but WWE chose to hold him out until after the event and then debuted him the night after on Monday Night Raw.

Lars Sullivan’s future

Now, it is time for Lars Sullivan to prove whether or not he can make it on the big stage.

He has to prove he can overcome his anxiety issues and become a star.

What is next is a big question. Kurt Angle is retired but he recently announced he signed a new deal with WWE and will work as a manager or authority figure in the future as well as a coach behind-the-scenes.

For Lars Sullivan, the time is now.

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