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Lacey Evans’ Crown Jewel outfit: Here’s why WWE star wore Becky Lynch boots for historic match

wwe superstar lacey evans after promo in the ring
WWE star Lacey Evans competed in a historic women’s match in Saudi Arabia. Pic credit: WWE

UPDATE: Our original story stated Lacey Evans was wearing Becky Lynch’s boots at WWE Crown Jewel. Since this story was originally published Lacey has clarified that the boots were in fact hers, not Becky’s, but did feature a picture of Becky Lynch on them. We have updated the article to reflect that.


When WWE held its latest event in Saudi Arabia this past October, the women’s division once again made history.

The 2019 edition of WWE Crown Jewel featured the first-ever women’s match in Saudi Arabia, with Lacey Evans taking on Natalya in singles competition.

It also featured Evans wearing boots featuring The Man Becky Lynch, but for a very good reason.

Lacey Evans explains why she wore Becky Lynch boots

Due to the country’s cultural customs, both women wrestled in full-body suits rather than their traditional gear. Evans also wore boots featuring an image of Becky Lynch for the match in Saudi Arabia. It wasn’t due to not having any other options, or stealing them in some heel move, though.

During WWE 24, Evans revealed she had several different pairs of boots available to wear in the ring. However, she opted to wear the Becky Lynch boots as a way to include her.

“But, you know what? The more women out there, the better,” Evans explained with regards to her choice of boots. “And I brought Becky Lynch out there with me. So it wasn’t just me, and Natalya, because me and Becky have had some of my biggest matches. And she was out there with us tonight.”

In the clip below, fans can see a bit of the match involving Natalya and Lacey Evans, with several of the camera shots showing Evans wearing the boots featuring Becky’s image.

If anything, one has to think the first-ever match in Saudi Arabia should have featured at least a few of the Four Horsewomen in the ring.

However, Evans’ Crown Jewel outfit featuring the Becky Lynch boots was undoubtedly a great way to include another pioneer in terms of the women’s division, as The Man was with Natalya and Evans in spirit.

Evans shared the special moment with daughter ahead of her match

In a recently-uploaded clip from WWE Day Of, Evans shared a special moment with her daughter. In the clip, Evans lets her daughter know that she and Natalya would be making history in Saudi Arabia.

She initially told her daughter there was a chance for the match to happen but then got to inform her it was set to take place.

“When it got approved, like when it was finalized that it’s actually happening, I called her and she said, she just woke up because of the time change, she was still in bed, and my husband put the phone on, like the video, and she goes, he told her the big news, and I was like can you believe it, and she looked at the camera and goes, ‘Mama, you’re going to change everything.'”

The women’s match at Crown Jewel was seventh on the card out of 10 total matches. Natalya would pick up the win via submission in over seven minutes.

It ended as Nattie slapped the Sharpshooter on Evans, forcing her to tap out. The women hugged it out after making history and even hugged some of the audience members as they walked backstage.

Afterward, the match received mixed reactions from fans and wrestling journalists. Many didn’t like the particular booking ahead of the event and felt it was average or lackluster in terms of presentation.

Even so, it was still a historic and memorable moment as women’s wrestling matches were previously not allowed in Saudi Arabia, and this opened the door for future events.

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