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Kofi Kingston and New Day hint leaving WWE after Vince McMahon screw job

Kofi Kingston and New Day hint leaving WWE after Vince McMahon screw job
Kofi Kingston and The New Day. Pic credit: WWE

WWE has been working on some old-school angles recently, trying to blur the line between reality and storyline and the Kofi Kingston feud has moved into that arena.

It started with Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch bringing their feud onto Twitter and then having Rousey cut recent promos calling wrestling “fake” and saying she wants nothing more than to disrespect the industry.

Now, Kofi Kingston and New Day are doing something not seen since the Attitude Era and the Monday Night Wars.

Kofi Kingston and New Day threaten to quit WWE

During the Monday Night Wars, WWE and WCW were involved in a huge rating’s war. Both Monday Nitro and Monday Night Raw aired at the same time and wrestlers made a choice of which company to work for.

Names like Scott Hall and Kevin Nash started it all when they jumped to WCW and started the nWo. After that, both companies used stories where wrestlers threatened to “go south” to WCW or “head north” to WWE.

There were enough wrestlers that did make the jump that it blurred the lines of reality because no one knew if they were serious or not.

Now, New Day is pulling this after Mr. McMahon screwed Kofi Kingston out of his WrestleMania 35 title shot once again on SmackDown Live.

Here is Big E on Twitter saying that “people like us will only get so far,” clearly playing the race angle that many fans online have been calling out.

“We’ve been able to do a lot of things that we never imagined that we could do but clearly we are never meant to be more than this. And for people like us, that’s not enough. And it will never be enough. So we’ve gotta sit back and think whether continuing to be gone for 250 days plus a year is worth it, of missing the family time, of doing this to our bodies, leaving a piece of yourself in the ring that you can never get back, all the things that we give, if it’s worth it when we can only get this far.”

Here is Xavier Woods talking about being part of the video gaming community and believing that there might be more there for him than in WWE right now.

However, after Xavier Woods and Big E told Kofi Kingston they should quit WWE, Kofi said that he doesn’t want to quit.

He said that if they give up now than Vince McMahon will win. This was on the official WWE Twitter page, so it is clear that this is a storyline.

What will happen with Kofi Kingston?

The fact is that in that last video, Kofi Kingston said that he has been doing this for years (since he was 17), doing things the right way. He said that they can’t quit WWE like this.

This is all leading to the huge moment at WrestleMania 35 where Kofi Kingston overcomes all odds and gets his match against Daniel Bryan.

However, more has to happen for Kofi. He doesn’t just need to fight Daniel Bryan — he needs to win the WWE Championship. And if he doesn’t, it is time for the New Day to go full heel and just start destroying everyone to prove to Mr. McMahon that he can’t stop them.

If that happens, though, this storyline will probably fail because Mr. McMahon will also win.

The only way for this to have a satisfactory ending is for Kofi Kingston to beat Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship and the odds of that happening are slim.

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