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King Cuerno tells Catrina she cannot have the Gauntlet of the Gods on Lucha Underground

In our teaser clip for the second episode of Lucha Underground, Catrina is sapped of her life force and looking for the trophy Gauntlet of the Gods, the hand that could strike down the descendants of the seven Aztec tribes.

King Cuerno pops in and tells her pointedly that he has given the trophy to someone else for safekeeping…and that he doesn’t give a s*** about Catrina’s life force.

Suddenly, she disappeared and we are left with a night of Antonio wrangling the late Dario’s bad brother, the monster Matanza in the new Temple.

King Cuerno and Catrina on Lucha Underground
King Cuerno tells Catrina she will not get her grubby hands on the Gauntlet

Will the Trios Champions, Willie Mack, Killshot, and Son of Havoc get their chance to triumph tonight? Can anyone trust Killshot? We will discuss.

Tonight one of the seven Aztec Medallions will be reintroduced and back in play as the Monster wreaks havoc.

And Pentagon Dark must try to keep his championship, or will he be a Mundo Slamtown victim?

Pentagon Dark in the ring on Lucha Underground
Pentagon Dark must keep his belt or else on Lucha Underground

Catrina is tied to Mil Muertes still, but will The Trios Champions defend their titles against three brand new fighters and one of the Seven Ancient Aztec Medallions brought into the new Temple?


One thing is for certain, last week’s jam-packed premiere saw insane switchbacks, defeats, disses, and surprises.

Striker and Vampiro commentating on Lucha Underground
Striker and Vampiro – These guys call the shots, literally

The premiere opened with Aztec Warfare 4 (sort of a royal rumble where everyone is jammed into the ring) after respects were sort of paid to Dario Cueto in an open casket. Agent Winter and Antonio Cueto (Dario’s father) were on hand in the new Temple where a sacred seal is hidden somewhere.

Antonio is the boss now, as we discovered last week that he ordered the hit on his own son and even interrupted the ten-bell salute and whacked his son’s photo with his cane. Harsh.

Last week, the Trios – Mack, Killshot, Son of Havoc – had to fend off an oiled up Joey Ryan and Mr. Pectacular…and, in the end, The Mack was eliminated from a sneaky Killshot maneuver as Pentagon Dark hit the ring and demolished Joey Ryan.

Meanwhile, Killshot tried to nail Son of Havoc and Pentagon Dark got him good, adios Killshot.

Pentagon Dark set his sights on Mr. Pectacular while Tommy Dreamer hit the ring. Pectacular didn’t stand a chance and was eliminated. Briefly, Mariposa tried to get into the fray but was cut and eliminated.

Are you with me? Good.

Pentagon stomped Dreamer who was finally eliminated, and then we got a pizza delivery from Vinnie Massaro. Italians love their pizza in Lucha, but no tip? The crowd was in full “pizza pizza” shouting mode as Pentagon nailed that pizza good. Ciao Vinnie.

The episode proceeded with more Son of Havoc, Hernadez, Johnny Mundo trying to get Pentagon going down to slamtown, then Ricky Mundo and his possessed doll rolled in the ring…which is just creepy and stop it Lucha.

The Mundos and Ricky’s doll were followed by a massive brawl between Fenix, Jeremiah Crane, then Mil Muertes and Miss Catrina who is in the clip teaser for tonight. We also got to see Kobra Moon, Daga, Chavo, then King Cuerno, El Dragon Azteca Jr., and Marty Martinez. And all through this insanity Pentagon Dark still remains.

Tonight it’s Pentagon Dark vs Matanza for the Lucha Underground championship as Catrina tries to get her mojo back. There might be pizza. But always keep a vigilant eye out for Antonio’s treacherous tacos.

Lucha Underground airs Wednesday, June 20th at 8:00 pm ET on El Rey Network

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