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Killer Kross finally revealed in new promo on WWE NXT

Killer Kross finally revealed in new promo on WWE NXT
Killer Kross is coming to WWE NXT. Pic credit: WWE

Killer Kross finally got his release from Impact Wrestling last year and after a short stint in Major League Wrestling, signed with WWE.

Most fans thought that Kross would end up in NXT, but time went by and many wondered where and when he would debut.

Killer Kross finally had his debut moment — in a quick promo on NXT television last week.

Killer Kross promo

There have been some glitches during NXT television episodes lately. Longtime NXT fans recognize this as a similar gimmick as when Sami Callahan made his NXT debut and worked in a hacker gimmick.

However, there is little chance Killer Kross is a hacker on NXT.

This last week, the glitch finally showed his face and fans saw that the promos were, in fact, revealing that Killer Kross was officially coming to WWE NXT.

This happened in the final segment of the show.

Triple H was in the ring and demanded that Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano come to the ring to face off. They both did and the two men stood there and traded barbs.

After they finished and it looked like NXT was going off the air, there was the static and then all three men turned to look at the big screen, where the quick promo played out.

A fan at Wrestling Inc claims that the language in the video promo was Romanian. They claim the narrator said:

“Only the man will win and if you lose, the weaker man is done. Now you’ll all see pain … there’s a very dangerous man coming. The clock ticks at midnight and the end is near.”

Also, many fans speculated that the voice in the video was former Impact Wrestling star Scarlett Bordeaux, who also recently signed with WWE.

Check out the video here:

Who are Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux?

For fans who don’t watch Impact Wrestling, Killer Kross worked there from 2018-19 after three years in Lucha Underground. Fans of Lucha Underground might remember him as The White Rabbit, who was in promos with Paul London.

He also worked in Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide in Mexico, where he worked on building his character.

Impact Wrestling signed him in 2018 while he was still a relative unknown outside of Lucha Underground. They then built him into a legit star.

After their work at making him a star, he decided he wanted to leave to sign with WWE. It took seven months for Impact to finally grant him his release.

Don’t expect WWE to use the Killer Kross name, as he will likely get a more WWE-friendly name.

Scarlett Bordeaux worked in Ring of Honor for five years, working with Truth Martini and Matt Taven in the House of Truth. She also worked as a commentator and sometimes as a wrestler.

In 2018, she signed with Impact Wrestling and fans might remember her best for her Smoke Show segments.

In September 2019, she signed with WWE.

Killer Kross and Scarlet Bordeaux are a real-life couple.

WWE NXT airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on USA Network.

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