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Kevin Owens blasts WWE Wild Card rule and calls it inconsistent

Kevin Owens blasts WWE Wild Card rule and calls it inconsistent
Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have taken advantage of the Wild Card rule. Pic credit: WWE

WWE was trying to do everything they could to bring up viewership on both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live and created the Wild Card rule to make it more exciting.

On any given Raw or SmackDown Live, someone from the one show could show up on the other show with the rule that only four could do it on a show and they had to be invited.

Then, the rules changed, and no one said anything except the announcers crying out that the Wild Card rule made things more exciting.

However, Kevin Owens is talking about it and calls the entire thing inconsistent. In an interview with Sporting News, Owens said that he knows that the entire idea is to create a sense of “unpredictability” but the entire thing is very loosely defined.

“The wild-card rule itself was very loosely defined when it was first announced and it’s been loosely enforced since it’s been announced,” Owens said. “I guess it was supposed to be four guys at first and now, really, 10 guys show up one night, three guys show up the next night, whatever.”

Of course, while Owens said that it is loosely defined, it still proved its purpose by making things more unpredictable. However, outside of titles being brand specific, it almost does away with the idea of a brand split and takes away each show’s identity.

If there is anything Owens said he wished the brand split could do, it would be to split him and his friend Sami Zayn up. According to Owens, he loves working with Zayn but wishes the two could go their own way and succeed on their own.

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