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Kenny Omega officially a free agent, both WWE and AEW want to sign the former NJPW star

Kenny Omega
Is Kenny Omega coming to the WWE or AEW wrestling? Pic credit: NJPW

Kenny Omega was able to go to New Japan Pro Wrestling and turn into one of the best in-ring wrestlers on the planet today. As of February 2, Omega is officially a free agent and he has a big choice to make — join the WWE or AEW wrestling.

The WWE reportedly offered Omega a monster contract worth well over a million a year to join the company, possibly with the chance to go straight to the main roster.

However, there is one thing that is hinting that Omega will be headed to AEW wrestling instead — a ticking clock.

Is Kenny Omega going to the WWE or AEW?

The YouTube show Being the Elite is a huge hit and stars The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, Adam Page and Kenny Omega. So-Cal Uncensored also play a huge part and some recent AEW signings are coming on the show as well.

Last year, there was a ticking clock (literally ticking, so some of the people on the show were wondering where the ticking was coming from). When the clock finished ticking down, the Young Bucks officially announced AEW wrestling and joined the new company.

Cody Rhodes, Adam Page and So-Cal Uncensored also joined.

Now, there is another ticking clock. The last episode ended with Matt Jackson getting a phone call from someone. He said “I can’t believe people thought you would be there” and “I’m glad you found your phone.” He finished with “Ill see you soon.”

The “be there” part likely refers to the AEW rally where they announced the company and introduced some of the new wrestlers they signed (including Chris Jericho). The phone comment plays into a sketch where Omega lost his phone.

When he hung up the phone, he laid it on the table upside down. Then, the ticking started again. Someone turned the phone over and it showed a ticking clock, with nine days, 19 hours and five minutes left.

That lines up with Thursday, February 7, when the AEW Double or Nothing event announcement is supposed to take place. They also promised to bring out some more new signings and if that was Kenny Omega that Matt was talking to, the “see you soon” statement is a dead giveaway.

“Everybody is wondering what my next move may or may not be, I really need this time to step away and not worry about when my next match will be. … I am in no rush, really, to get back to the ring, but, of course, I will very soon. There will be developments and announcements soon I’m sure.”

Kenny Omega on the Warmup

Unless there is a major swerve coming, Kenny Omega is coming to AEW wrestling.

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