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Jordan Myles deletes Twitter after he quits WWE due to ‘racist shirt’

Jordan Myles quits Twitter after he quits WWE due to 'racist shirt'
Jordan Myles competing on WWE NXT. Pic credit: WWE

Jordan Myles has been in the news over the last two weeks due to his non-stop Twitter and Instagram rants calling WWE racist for a shirt they designed for him.

Yesterday, Myles lost it and released two long Twitter video rants. The first was full of profanity as Myles said he quit WWE because they were racist and held young stars back. The second was more PC, but still full of anger.

Today, Jordan Myles deleted his Twitter account.

For those catching up on the Jordan Myles controversy now, he released a t-shirt design for his character from WWE NXT. The t-shirt can be seen below.

WWE indicated that the design was based on the Rolling Stones and the smile that Jordan Myles always had when coming to the ring.

WWE also said that Myles agreed on the logo and t-shirt. However, Myles also said that he was lied to and told Triple H loved the shirt, while Triple H told him that he was told Myles loved the shirt.

With that said, it didn’t stop Myles from calling everyone from Triple H to Vince McMahon racist in a Twitter rant, saying they would pay for the shirt design — despite the shirt never going on sale and being pulled after Myles original complaint.

Several fans took Myles side at first but then something happened. Myles grew angrier and angrier as it seemed WWE was ignoring his rants.

He then called out Ring of Honor in another rant.

Jordan Myles worked for ROH as the wrestler ACH. He said that Ring of Honor held down black wrestlers as well and when asked about Jay Lethal being one of the longest-reigning world champions in ROH history, Myles called him an “Uncle Tom.”

That even turned WWE superstars like Titus O’Neil against him, even though Titus originally took his side.

Yesterday, Jordan Myles said he quit WWE and would no longer use his “slave name” they gave him. He said he is now ACH again. Although, unless WWE agrees to his release, he can’t wrestle anywhere else legally.

There is also a question of who would hire him after his racist shirt rants and insults toward several people in the industry. Now, he has deleted his Twitter account, which might be for the better for future job security.

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