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Jon Moxley missing AEW All Out, what is an MRSA staph infection?

Jon Moxley missing AEW All Out
Jon Moxley has an MRSA infection. Pic credit: AEW

Jon Moxley had to pull out of AEW All Out and his match with Kenny Omega due to an MRSA staph infection. Luckily, AEW brought in PAC to replace him in the match.

Moxley, the former Dean Ambrose from WWE, took to Twitter to apologize to his fans about the illness.

Jon Moxley talks missing AEW All Out

Jon Moxley took to Twitter and it was clear he was not happy about the entire situation.

PWInsider reported that the MRSA staph infection is in the same arm as in 2017 when it took him out of action after an injury in WWE in 2017.

They also reported that he is “extremely upset” and will head in to undergo surgery to remove the bursa sac in his elbow. Reports indicate he will be 100 percent ready for the debut of the AEW on TNT show that begins the first week of October.

Moxley took to Twitter to talk to fans.

What is an MRSA staph infection?

An MRSA staph infection is nothing to mess around with.

WebMD reveals that an MRSA is a bacterium that causes infections in different parts of the body.

It is also very hard to treat as it is resistant to traditional antibiotics.

An MRSA infection is what CM Punk said he developed in WWE that he accused doctors there of ignoring and refusing to treat properly.

AEW isn’t taking any chances with Jon Moxley and he is headed in for surgery on what is known as a “superbug.”

An MRSA staph infection causes mild infections on the skin, such as sores, boils, or abscesses. However, in the worst cases, it can head into the bloodstream or lungs and at that time, it becomes deadly.

Most of the time, MRSA gets into the body through a cut. The word is that Moxley contracted it while competing for New Japan Pro Wrestling in their G1 Tournament.

Since MRSA is constantly adapting and developing resistance to antibiotics, it is one of the hardest infections to fight.

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