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Jon Moxley explains why he left WWE and Dean Ambrose behind

Jon Moxley reveals why he left WWE and Dean Ambrose behind
Jon Moxley faces off with Chris Jericho at AEW Double or Nothing. Pic credit: AEW

When Jon Moxley arrived at AEW Double or Nothing, it took a lot of fans by surprise but according to the man formerly known as Dean Ambrose, he knew he was leaving WWE in July 2018.

Lately, a lot of people have been asking for their releases from WWE or making a scene, almost trying to get fired. Some were released (Hideo Itami) and others were denied (Luke Harper).

In his appearance on the Talk is Jericho podcast, Moxley said that he never had any intention of asking for his release or getting fired for one very good reason.

“I wasn’t going to ask for my release, I wasn’t going to try to get fired, anything like that,” Moxley said. “I was just gonna ride it out to the very end for a couple of reasons.”

The first reason is that Moxley said he does not do business like that plus he didn’t want to put his wife Renee Young in the middle of that situation.

The second reason was that by finishing out his contract the right way and working to his final day, he left WWE free of any obligation and gets to keep all future royalties for anything sold concerning him or The Shield.

Moxley also said that he was grateful for his entire time in WWE. While he said he was often unhappy about the storylines and promos written for him, being part of WWE meant he could take part in Make a Wish Foundation programs and help kids, putting smiles on their faces.

“It’s something I kind of took seriously over my whole time there no matter what I was mad about, if I was mad about creative or whatever, always tried to remember,” Moxley said. “Until you are one of those guys, doing Make-A-Wish stuff and you meet these fans from all over the world, they tell you these stories about how you help them persevere.”

As for when he decided to leave, Moxley said it was when he tore his tricep and then developed the staph infection in July 2018. a period of his life he called “miserable.”

Moxley also talked about Vince McMahon and one of the big things he hated about his time in WWE. He told a story about a promo written for him by a writer that emphasized his dissatisfaction in WWE.

“It’s a backstage promo and it’s me describing the things I did on the way to the arena that day. And I can’t remember exactly what the things were because they were so ridiculous,” Moxley said. “These are things that an idiot would do. Like things along the lines of driving backwards on the street in a unicycle or sharing a pizza with a homeless man on the street, just weird stuff like that.”

Moxley said he asked the writer to change it and then it came back with more ridiculous things in there and the writer said Vince McMahon wrote this himself. Then Moxley spoke to McMahon and said he didn’t want to say any of it.

“I’ve had a million conversations with him that are almost this exact same conversation about similar promos,” Moxley said. “‘You know this is you! It’s such good sh*t! It’s what makes you-you!’ And I said, ‘So I’m an idiot?’ And he goes, ‘No! It’s you! You’re different!'”

Jon Moxley is now wrestling for AEW which will start its weekly TV show on TNT this fall.

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