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John Morrison makes his WWE return on SmackDown: How will The Miz react to former partner’s return?

John Morrison makes his WWE return on SmackDown: How will The Miz react to former partner's return?
John Morrison showed up on SmackDown tonight. Pic credit: WWE

John Morrison re-signed with WWE last month and as we revealed today, he was set to make his return to SmackDown tonight on Fox.

Here is how John Morrison made his WWE return — and honestly, it wasn’t as awesome as it could have been.

It all came thanks to The Miz.

The Miz and Kofi Kingston finished the decade tied for the most title wins of any superstars in WWE over the 10 year period.

When SmackDown started tonight, The Miz showed he was still unhinged because of Bray Wyatt invading his home before they fought — and Miz lost — at the WWE TLC PPV.

He told Daniel Bryan that he needed to win the Universal Championship from Bray Wyatt but he wanted to take more than that from Wyatt.

Then, The Miz saw Kofi Kingston and Big E celebrating the arrival of 2020. That is when Kofi congratulated The Miz for a great decade. He worked the main event at WrestleMania, got married, had two great kids, and won more titles than anyone.

Big E reminded Kofi Kingston that they were tied, but Kofi was trying to make The Miz feel better. He then wished The Miz good luck for the new decade and more titles. The Miz said it wasn’t about titles and challenged Kofi to a fight.

The Miz and Kofi Kingston then fought and Kingston won. After the match ended, The Miz lost it and attacked Kingston before Big E saved his partner.

As The Miz left, fans booed him and he asked them if they were serious after everything he went through. The Miz left.

Backstage, Cathy Kelly tried to interview The Miz at his locker room, but when the door opened, John Morrison was there and he said The Miz had nothing more to say tonight.

And that is how John Morrison made his WWE return.

What makes this return at least a little better than a glorified cameo is the history between John Morrison and The Miz.

The duo were two-time WWE tag team champions and was one of the most popular heel teams in WWE thanks to their entertaining YouTube show. If this leads to a reunion of Miz and Morrison, that could be a great thing.

It just would have been better if John Morrison had made his return by actually coming out to the ring, just to hear the pop.

WWE SmackDown airs on Fridays at 8/7c on Fox.

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