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Did John Cena have a vasectomy? WWE star says that’s why he can’t have kids

John Cena talking to Nikki Bella on Total Bellas
John Cena talking to Nikki Bella on Total Bellas

This week on Total Bellas, John Cena and Nikki Bella talked about their breakup and what caused it. However, for many fans, the biggest news came when Cena dropped a bombshell. Did John Cena have a vasectomy?

Yes, Cena admitted that he had a vasectomy in the past to avoid any chance of an accidental pregnancy. Cena has long been adamant that he does not want to have any children, and that ended up being the reason for his breakup with Bella.

This week’s episode went back to the old Today Show interview where Cena said that he and Nikki had gone through a tough time and were trying to work things out. What is crazy is that fans had no idea that the pair had broke up at that time because the two were hiding it from everyone.

It’s believed that they did get back together again after that but then broke up again in May. That is the story that will play out this season on Total Bellas. Was everything between the two a lie this entire year?

And was it just to pump up ratings for Total Bellas so fans could learn what happened behind the scenes between Cena and Nikki?

This week on the show, the two had dinner after that Today Show interview — where Nikki wondered why Cena was telling the world intimate details about their relationship before telling her anything he was feeling.

Then, after Cena said he had a vasectomy, he said that he would be willing to have the surgery to reverse it if it meant that he and Bella were to reunite, get married and start a family.

What caused the reversal?

John Cena said that he did not want to have kids with Nikki Bella just to make her happy if there was something else that was threatening to get in the way of their relationship. Once again, he blamed Nikki for not saying what she wanted and giving him false hope — even though she has never hidden the fact that she wants children.

Cena then said he didn’t want to have kids if she will resent him for something else later in life. It is clear that he fears having a child and then ending up divorced with a broken family, and he is not willing to risk that if there are other issues. Nikki said the only issue is not being a mom.

This week’s Total Bellas ended with the pair getting back together after Jon Cena said he will have reversal surgery to give them a chance to have children. However, the news of their breakup in May means their story is still not over yet.

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