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John Cena gives response to Randy Orton’s WrestleMania 36 challenge

john cena faces randy orton in ring during wwe promo
John Cena has responded to Randy Orton’s challenge for a WrestleMania 36 match. Pic credit: WWE

WWE fans haven’t seen John Cena in the wrestling ring for quite some time now, but that could change if he and Randy Orton get into a new program. While Cena’s been away for Hollywood work, one has to think a return match will happen at some point.

“The Viper” issued a challenge last week to John Cena for a WrestleMania match in Florida. Now, the multiple-time WWE Champion has given his response to Orton calling him out.

Orton issues WM 36 challenge to Cena

Last week, Randy Orton was on a flight and picked up a copy of Delta’s Sky magazine featuring John Cena on the cover. The magazine featured a caption “Up For A Challenge,” which prompted Orton to give a highly appropriate caption for an Instagram post.

Part of Orton’s caption reads, “Why yes @johncena I am up for a challenge, are you? Let’s say ohhhh I dunno, #Wrestlemania36 maybe? Or does Hollywood have you booked solid?#WM36”

Randy Orton posted the magazine photo as he was traveling on a flight to London, where the WWE superstars just recently performed.

He was a part of the recent Raw taped last Friday in Manchester, England. During the show, Orton teamed up with Humberto Carrillo and Ricochet for a six-man tag match. They defeated The OC by pinfall, but CBS Sports reported “tension building between Orton and Ricochet.” So it appears that will be The Viper’s feud for the time being.

John Cena responds to Orton’s challenge

Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated had an interview with John Cena recently and brought up Orton’s challenge. According to Barrasso’s interview, Cena laughed upon learning of The Viper’s challenge before admitting he “wasn’t even aware of that.”

“I never make the matches, I’m just grateful to be able to perform in WWE,” Cena said. “Every day away from it, I miss it more and more and more. I’m becoming more honest with myself about how much I miss it. I’m very eager to get back into a WWE ring soon.”

He also addressed the Viper’s challenge or at least the idea of being at WrestleMania 36.

“And on the subject of WrestleMania, I can tell you this—I haven’t missed a WrestleMania since my first appearance at WrestleMania 19, and I do not plan to miss a WrestleMania for decades to come,” Cena told SI.

That could set up another interesting chapter in the longtime rivalry featuring two of WWE’s biggest stars in the past two decades.

WrestleMania 36 is set to take place on April 5, 2020, in Tampa, Florida.

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