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Jim Ross reveals what WWE did wrong with Kofi Kingston

Jim Ross reveals what WWE did wrong with Kofi Kingston
Kofi Kingston and New Day. Pic credit: WWE

The storyline between Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan is a strong one heading into WrestleMania 35. Kofi was the ultimate underdog and had to overcome insurmountable odds to earn his shot.

However, WWE Hall of Fame legend Jim Ross did not like one aspect of that story. He wasn’t a fan of bringing race into the storyline.

This might not have been what WWE wanted either, at the start. However, when Mr. McMahon came out and screwed over Kofi Kingston, taking away his title shot at WWE Fastlane, fans started to accuse McMahon of being a racist.

This made little sense, as McMahon did the same thing to Becky Lynch just a month before. He did the same thing in the past to Stone Cold Steve Austin. His daughter Stephanie McMahon and Triple H did the same to Daniel Bryan.

As a matter of fact, when Bryan called Kofi just a “B plus player,” it played off what Triple H called Daniel Bryan a few years ago. It was brilliant and was a great way to tell the story of Kingston trying to reach the top despite everyone being against him.

Then, the race card was played. This could be a response by WWE to the fans who were calling out racism since it was Kofi Kingston who was fighting, not realizing that it was the same as what happened to Daniel Bryan years ago — who was white.

Jim Ross said that he didn’t like it.

“Race should never have been brought into the [Kingston] storyline. It’s a classic, underdog story,” Ross wrote on Twitter. “Race, Religion & Politics have no place on rasslin tv, IMO.”

Fans argued back and forth with Ross about this, but in the end, the WWE Hall of Famer stood his ground. With the underdog story, it should have been enough. With the race card added, it painted the wrestlers involved with broad strokes that they didn’t really deserve.

WWE WrestleMania 35 takes place on April 7 at 7/6c on WWE Network.

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