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Jim Ross reportedly signing multi-year deal with AEW after leaving WWE, new TV deal is coming soon

Jim Ross reportedly signing multi-year deal with AEW after leaving WWE, new TV deal is coming soon
Jim Ross is looking like he will sign with AEW Wrestling. Pic credit: WWE

AEW Wrestling has been working slowly but steadily on building their company and refuse to rush, despite fans impatience at wanting something right now.

The latest news just hit thanks to Rajah, who spoke with sources in the know who claim that Jim Ross leaving the WWE is not new and both sides had prepared for it over the last year.

The WWE did not invite Jim Ross to the SmackDown 1000 special last year and there are some people backstage who feel he has nothing left to offer to the industry of professional wrestling.

Jim Ross and AEW Wrestling

However, AEW might feel that he has more to offer. The report indicates that AEW Wrestling and Jim Ross will come to an agreement on a three-year deal.

The money is rumored to be around $1 million a year guaranteed — and for that much money, AEW has to have huge plans for Jim Ross.

The original idea was that he could work as an announcer for the company since that is what most wrestling fans know him for over his career. However, Ross was also a key executive in the WWE for years in charge of talent.

He is who signed Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, and The Rock, among others.

Whether AEW wants an old-school name trying to help sign younger stars or they just want to bring him in to call matches or help out with production is unknown.

Jim Ross also feels he has a lot more to offer, and mentioned the death of his wife a few years following an accident as a reason he needs to stay involved in wrestling, rather than sit at home alone.

“At this stage in my life where you’re an empty nester, and you lost your best friend … I need to stay busy,” Ross said on his podcast. “I need to get back on the road. I need to get back out there and do what my passion leads me to. So that’s what I’m gonna be doing.”

AEW Wrestling TV deal

It also sounds like the AEW Wrestling TV deal is coming very soon.

Rajah said that his sources indicate that there is a TV deal that is close to completion and the announcement might come at the Double or Nothing PPV in May.

As for where fans can expect to see AEW Wrestling, the word is that TBS wants to get back into the wrestling business. This would be different from WCW, though, since TBS won’t own the company and will just be the cable channel that works out a deal with AEW.

To show comparisons, WWE Monday Night Raw is on USA Network, which has an average viewership of 1.51 million households (via Statista). TBS has an average viewership of 1.39 million households. That is not a big difference, especially when the network that Impact Wrestling was on at its height — Spike TV — is now called Paramount and only has an audience of 507,000 households.

If AEW Wrestling gets on TBS, they have the means to surpass every other US wrestling company and skyrocket to the number two spot behind only WWE.

AEW Double or Nothing takes place on May 25, 2019 in Las Vegas.

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