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Jerry Lawler comments on WWE WrestleMania 36 plans as coronavirus fears continue

jerry the king lawler on wwe raw
Jerry “The King” Lawler has recently commented about WrestleMania 36 plans as coronavirus concerns continue. Pic credit: WWE

With fear and panic over the spread of coronavirus, many big events are being canceled, postponed, or rescheduled.

WWE’s Wrestlemania 36 is among the big events that many fans from all over the world attend annually. That has some wondering if Mania might be postponed or canceled for the first time ever.

Jerry “The King” Lawler weighs in on WrestleMania situation

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler recently gave comments regarding the health concerns and the plans for WrestleMania 36.

Based on his comments, he doesn’t think that coronavirus spreading will have an effect on the biggest WWE pay-per-view of the year.

“I don’t think it’s gonna affect WrestleMania at all,” Lawler said on Cerrito Live (per Wrestling Inc). “I’m not trying to downplay it or anything like that. When you listen to what has happened in the past, it’s almost like a cycle. These kinds of things happen every now and then. There’s nothing you can do about it except react to it as best as we can.”

“I can remember all these other types of influenza viruses,” he continued. “We’ve had just the regular flu come around every year that’s killed a bunch of people. You can get vaccinated for it. You can do whatever you can. Everybody tries to be as healthy as possible, but it’s just a fact of life.”

“Remember there was the bird flu, there was the Hong Kong flu, there was the swine flu [and] there was SARS. All these things happen every few years. This is just another one of those things that we will get through, and that’s just the way life is,” Lawler also added.

Lawler previously retweeted a fan’s comment regarding the possibility of performing in an empty arena, something Lawler has done during his lengthy wrestling career.

Recent international football games have occurred in an empty stadium, as fans are prohibited from attending.

The King also retweeted a John “JBL” Layfield tweet (below) about Sylvester Stallone, who starred in the Rambo franchise, taking precautions during the coronavirus panic.

WWE gave statements last month before cases spread in the US

A report from the Tampa Bay Times arrived in late February, insisting that things were on track for WrestleMania 36 to take place as planned.

The report also provided a statement from WWE chief brand officer Stephanie McMahon who gave sentiments involving WWE talent, employees, fans, and others in Tampa, Florida.

“The health and safety of not only our fan base, but also our superstars, really does come first,” McMahon said last month. “We don’t want to put anyone in a bad situation ever, regardless of the circumstance. Those are not risks worth taking.”

John Saboor, WWE’s executive vice president of special events, said that WWE is “constantly monitoring global events” and that they are having discussions all the time over said events, like any other business.

“You’ve got to be nimble, and you’ve got to be ready,” Higgins said per Tampa Bay Times. “Thirty-six days is a long time, so it’s hard to predict. I think we just continue to information gather as much as possible, so that we are as prepared as possible.”

However, Wrestling Inc also reported on Mar. 2 that two cases of COVID-19 had been discovered in Tampa, Florida. That was over a week ago and new reports of cases continue to emerge around the state, country, and world.

Still, a more recent WWE statement about WrestleMania indicated they were going forth with the show as originally scheduled.

As of yesterday, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden canceled an event he had planned for Tampa on Thursday.

The possibility is there for WWE’s biggest event to have to make changes, especially based on an upcoming meeting that will involve Tampa officials and the mayor. That takes place on Thursday (March 12).

It could bring an announcement that some WWE fans don’t want to hear. However, everyone’s health and safety are the bigger concerns right now, so most likely, WWE won’t jeopardize fans, talent, or employees for a pay-per-view.

WWE’s WrestleMania 36 is scheduled for Sunday, April 5, at Tampa, Florida’s Raymond James Stadium.

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