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Jeff Hardy reveals he went to rehab for first time in life during WWE hiatus

Jeff Hardy reveals he went to rehab for first time in live during WWE hiatus
Jeff Hardy said that he was in rehab after last arrest. Pic credit: WWE

It has been over a year since Jeff Hardy wrestled in WWE — although he has been under contract the entire time.

He suffered an injury while he and his brother Matt Hardy were SmackDown Tag Team Champions and they had to relinquish the titles so Jeff could undergo surgery.

Then, in the middle of his recovery from surgery, Jeff was arrested for public intoxication when he was found passed out, sleeping in a stairwell.

Then, just as he was preparing to return to WWE, he was arrested for a DWI. He finally took responsibility and checked himself into rehab.

Jeff Hardy on WWE Backstage

Jeff Hardy was on WWE Backstage last night and Renee Young interviewed him. As a Fox show, this takes viewers behind the scenes and shows them the people behind the characters.

According to Hardy, he said the last nine months were crazy and the day after his DWI arrest, he checked himself into rehab for the first time in his life.

Hardy, who is 42 years old, has struggled with addiction his entire life.

“On the morning of October the 4th, I arranged for me to go to inpatient rehab for the first time in my life,” Hardy explained. “And it was one of the best things I could have ever done for myself. And I’ve done something every day to better myself.”

Hardy also said that he is cleared to return to action and is so excited to “be back in front of all those people.”

The future of Jeff Hardy in WWE

It looks like Jeff Hardy will be wrestling somewhere else than his brother Matt Hardy for one of the rare times in their careers.

Matt Hardy’s WWE contract expired on March 1 and he released a YouTube video today with the Young Bucks from AEW making a special appearance. signaling that he might be AEW bound.

However, Jeff Hardy had time added onto his WWE contract due to injury time missed, so he has a few months left before he has a decision to make.

There is also the fact that Matt Hardy and his wife Reby Sky commented that they had to do what was best for their family after Jeff Hardy’s latest legal problems, which brought Jeff’s wife after both of them for “shaming” Jeff for his problems.

With Jeff Hardy going into rehab on his own, it sounds like his wife might have had a good reason to get angry at the timing of Matt and Reby’s comments.

With that in mind, Jeff Hardy is returning to WWE and fans might expect him to get a nice push while his brother heads elsewhere to continue his career.

WWE Backstage airs on Tuesday nights at 11/10c on FS1.

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