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Jason Sensation threatens suicide at WWE Monday Night Raw in Toronto

Jason Sensation threatens suicide at WWE Monday Night Raw in Toronto
Jason Sensation with Triple H, Sean Waltman, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, and Chyna — Pic credit: WWE

A scare took place at WWE Monday Night Raw this week when a gentleman named Jason Sensation posted on Twitter that he had snuck a gun into the event and planned to commit suicide.

In the post, which was made at 3:47 p.m. on August 27, comedian Jason Sensation said that he got his gun past security and would shoot himself in the head, killing himself during Monday Night Raw and then he thanked WWE for the memories.

TMZ broke the news and Toronto police said that they had heard about the claims and were investigating. Luckily, it sounds like it was nothing more than a bad joke.

Vince Russo, the booker during the WWE Attitude Era, had taken to Twitter and asked Sensation to call him because there are people out there who care about him.

TMZ dropped an update before WWE Monday Night Raw started that said that Russo got hold of Sensation and allegedly said that the comedian told him he was joking and was not even at the arena.

Twitter has since suspended the Twitter page of Jason Sensation. Before the page was suspended, TMZ reported that his bio indicated that he battles depression.

WWE fans from the Attitude Era might remember Jason Sensation.

During the feud between the Nation of Domination and Degeneration X, the two factions took turns coming out and pretending to be members of the other group.

Degeneration X came out with Triple H dressed up like The Rock, X-Pac in blackface and a bloated suit as Mark Henry, The Road Dogg as D-Lo Brown, and Billy Gunn as The Godfather.

With one man short, comedian Jason Sensation came out dressed up like Owen Hart.

The WWE even brought back Jason Sensation to sit with the announcers and Jerry Lawler had him do an Owen impersonation while Shawn Michaels cracked up in the background — which was perfect.

Owen Hart then came down and beat up Jason Sensation to pay off the angle.

WWE Monday Night Raw went on as planned and no incident took place at the event.

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