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Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts reveals why he won’t work backstage in WWE

Jake the Snake Roberts rand Randy Savage
Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts battling Randy Savage. Pic credit: WWE

Jake “The Snake” Roberts is a WWE Hall of Fame superstar and one of the greatest WWE wrestlers of all-time. While he didn’t hold titles, his character was what made him great and his promos were better than almost anyone in the company.

A lot of fans have made it known that The Snake could be a great presence backstage when it comes to teaching other wrestlers — especially on the art of promos and how to sell moves in the ring.

However, in a recent podcast with Sam Roberts, Jake said that he wouldn’t work backstage in WWE because he can’t hold his tongue if he sees something he doesn’t agree with.

“I’ve got a real problem with it comes to speaking my mind,” Roberts said (transcript via Reddit). “I call chickens**t chickens**t. I call a**holes a**holes.”

Jake went on to say that the style of wrestling today with nothing but high spots being showcased has destroyed the ring psychology of matches, making people not even care about the wrestlers anymore. He said it is all about big moves now.

“I don’t like what the product is today. Nobody sells a damn thing. Everything’s a frickin’ high spot,” Roberts said. “The most dangerous wrestling hold today is the schoolboy.”

He explained that people can get hit with the most devastating moves in wrestling — or with a sledgehammer — but it takes a schoolboy to pin someone. As the man who made the DDT one of the scariest finishing moves of the ’80s, it made no sense to him.

“Look at what you’re doing, guys. Stop it. You’re making me sick,” Roberts said. “Quit pissing on the business that’s been so good to so many people, man. Fans love real good wrestling.”

With that said, don’t expect Jake “The Snake” Roberts to do anything with WWE outside or rare training courses with wrestlers at the WWE Performance Center.

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