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Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts posts concerning tweet during coronavirus isolation

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts posts concerning tweet during coronavirus isolation
Jake The Snake Roberts worried his fans with a recent tweet. Pic credit: AEW

Jake “The Snake” Roberts recently made his big return to professional wrestling.

He was once one of the biggest stars in the world and was easily one of the best wrestlers to ever pick up a microphone and cut a promo.

However, drugs and alcohol led to a downward spiral that almost resulted in his death. His story tragically played out in front of fan’s eyes thanks to the documentary Beyond the Mat as well as several live YouTube videos.

Thanks to Diamond Dallas Page and his DDP Yoga support system, Jake was able to get clean.

A recent Twitter post by The Snake has many fans worried.

Jake posts depressing tweet

Jake Roberts took to Twitter while in isolation for the coronavirus and posted the following message to his fans.

“Getting tough being alone all the time. Hotel room keeps shrinking. Jealous of those with family or partners. Still sober”

The fact that he posted “Still sober” is a relief. However, anyone who has ever known a person who struggled with addiction knows that loneliness and depression are true demons for all recovered addicts.

One Twitter follower reached out to Lance Archer, who is the wrestler Jake is managing in AEW and asked him to reach out to Jake to see if he needed help.

Archer admitted that he already did, and things are “all gravy,” indicating they talked.

Jake Roberts seems to be coping

The good news is that the next day, Jake Roberts was back on Twitter and seemed to be feeling a little better. One has to think that friends such as Lance Archer reached out to let him know that he is not alone.

Jake posted:

“Coronavirus a great time to turn your life around. Soul searching, goals, dreams and #reality. Look hard and make a plan so you don’t get caught with pants down#covid19 this can happen again #bigpharma TRUSTME”

This is a great time in the life of Jake “The Snake” Roberts, coronavirus excluded.

He made his return to professional wrestling at AEW and it meant the world to him. This is because it wasn’t an old friend like Diamond Dallas Page or Dustin Rhodes who recommended him.

AEW President Tony Khan wanted him personally and that showed a lot of respect for The Snake.

He has since come in and delivered the best promos in wrestling and looks to be on his way to a second career in the sport he loves.

AEW Dynamite airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on TNT.