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Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts arrives in AEW as a manager, promises new client coming soon for Cody Rhodes

Jake 'The Snake' Roberts arrives in AEW as a manager, promises new client coming soon for Cody Rhodes
Jake The Snake Roberts is back and he is a manager in AEW. Pic credit: AEW

Jake “The Snake” Roberts just showed up on AEW Dynamite. While that was shocking, he was there to announce that he will be a manager.

Roberts also made clear that he is a heel manager and his target is Cody Rhodes.

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts challenges Cody in AEW

Cody Rhodes came out to the ring and started talking about his loss to MJF on Saturday night at AEW Revolution.

Cody started to talk about how he went through the lashes, the ring, the steel cage, and he then lost to MJF, who cheated.

He said that the only way this would make him feel better would be for MJF to come to the ring, stand face-to-face with him, and tell him he won fairly.

However, it was not MJF that came out.

It was Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

Jake came into the ring and Cody handed him the mic.

Roberts then told Cody to stop crying and bit**ing about the loss to MJF. Jake said that he never cried about any loss he ever had in his career.

He then said that there was a darkness that was coming to AEW and it would eat the company up. However, Jake said that he wasn’t going to come to take everything in AEW.

He was just there to take everything from Cody.

He called Cody “Caesar” and said that he was bringing in a new client and he would beat Cody Rhodes and take everything from him.

“And you can bring that one-trick pony Arn Anderson with you.”

Jake “The Snake” Roberts then said that a wise man once told him never to turn your back on someone you respected or feared. Jake then turned his back on Cody and left the ring.

Who is Jake Roberts bringing in?

With Lance Archer debuting tonight, there isn’t much of a chance of it being him.

Matt Hardy isn’t quite up to the level of the “darkness” that Jake hinted at in his promo.

However, there is another name that should debut in AEW in just two short weeks. Luke Harper’s non-compete clause ended and most people expect him to show up in two weeks when AEW is in his hometown of Rochester, New York.

Luke Harper is likely going back to his old name of Brodie Lee and putting him with Jake “The Snake” Roberts should be gold.

AEW Dynamite airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on TNT.

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