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Is Undertaker leaving the WWE? Jim Ross reveals the truth about Undertaker rumors

Is Undertaker leaving the WWE?
Is Undertaker leaving the WWE? Pic credit: WWE

The Undertaker is appearing at Starrcast II this year, which happens to be an event sponsored by AEW wrestling and happening the same weekend as their Double or Nothing PPV.

As expected, Undertaker rumors went wild and many people wondered if he was leaving the WWE to wrestle for AEW wrestling. Undertaker added to the intrigue when he posted a photo of himself boarding a private jet to take an important meeting.

Is Undertaker leaving the WWE?

Jim Ross spoke to The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast and touched on the Undertaker rumors.

Straight up, Jim Ross said that Undertaker is not leaving WWE and will never wrestle anywhere else.

“I’m not surprised about it and to me it’s just a third part booking,” Ross said. “He’s still under contract to WWE and I’m sure WWE gave him the blessing to go make a payday.”

Undertaker will show up and sign autographs for an hour for a reported $25,000 and he will not show up at the AEW wrestling event that weekend.

“I am under contract,” Ross said while admitting he will also be appearing at Starrcast II. “(Jerry) Lawler’s working it and he’s under contract to WWE, I think Ricky Steamboat may be under contract with one of those legends deals but I’m not sure about that.”

Ross also said that he worked NJPW shows for AXS while he was still under contract to the WWE, so people shouldn’t make assumptions about Undertaker appearing at the event.

“I don’t think there is anything to that thing,” Ross said. “He’s a lifer there, boys, and as he should be.”

How does Vince McMahon feel about this?

With that said, there are new rumors that Mr. McMahon is not happy about the appearance.

Undertaker is advertised as Mark Calaway, AKA The Undertaker — which uses his real name but lets people know that he played the role of The Undertaker, which makes it legal for them to use.

Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio revealed that McMahon is not happy about this appearance. According to Meltzer, McMahon believes that Starrcast II and AEW wrestling are directly related and he isn’t happy to see his greatest creation promoting the company.

This makes more sense with Dean Ambrose leaving the WWE, Tye Dillinger asking for his release, and teams like The Revival and Usos expressing their discontent in the company.

Undertaker is not booked for WrestleMania 35 but there are rumors that McMahon is now scrambling for an idea to include him.