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Is Rusev still with Lana? WWE starts new angle with Bobby Lashley

Is Rusev still with Lana?
Rusev watches as Lana makes out with another man on Monday Night Raw. Pic credit: WWE

Last week on Monday Night Raw, WWE continued their angle where Maria Kanellis was humbling her husband Mike by making him think their baby was not his. She even claimed Rusev, who is married in real life to Lana, was the baby daddy.

This week, Rusev showed up on Monday Night Raw again, this time to save Seth Rollins from a beatdown by King Corbin and Randy Orton. After that, he was asked about Lana and refused to answer.

Rusev and Lana on WWE Monday Night Raw

The million-dollar question now is whether Rusev is still with Lana.

It seems interesting since WWE had been pushing their baby daddy angle with a very pregnant Lana and her husband Mike, who was made to look very emasculated in the storyline.

This week, Maria was there, but not Mike. When asked about the baby daddy, she simply said that Rusev had enough problems at home with Lana and he was not the daddy.

That was interesting but then it all played out in the main event.

Rusev got a title shot against Seth Rollins and the two men were fighting when Bobby Lashley’s music started.

Lashley then came out and stood there and smiled at the ring. Rusev was staring and it was clear something was going on.

Lashley kept pointing at the entrance and Rusev looked frustrated. Then Lana’s music started and she came out on the entry ramp. Then, as Rusev looked on, Lashley and Lana started to make out.

Is Rusev still with Lana?

So, are Rusev and Lana still together?

This is WWE, so take everything that happens as a storyline.

Rusev became a naturalized American citizen last week. Interestingly, Lana did not post anything about it on her social media channels, which is surprising, because she loves being a social media celeb.

The last mention of Rusev on Twitter came with a retweet on August 7.

On Instagram, Lana has posted nothing but photos of herself for the last three months, with the last photo she took with Rusev coming on the Fourth of July.

This isn’t the first time that WWE has tried an angle where Lana was cheating on Rusev. She was involved in an angle with Dolph Ziggler, but then she posted a photo of her engagement with Rusev online and received a lot of heat backstage.

The angle was canceled and Lana faced the punishment of being taken off television for a time. If this is an angle with Bobby Lashley, and it almost certainly is, Lana has learned to keep her private life private to better advance her professional life.

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