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Is Bobby Lashley with Lana? WWE star says he received death threats over ‘relationship’

cj perry aka lana with bobby lashley on a youtube video
CJ Perry (Lana) and Bobby Lashley appear in a new video discussing their relationship. Pic credit: CJ Perry/YouTube

The recent dating situation on WWE programs involving WWE superstars Bobby Lashley and Lana has plenty of fans giving mixed reactions. While some find it entertaining, others find it infuriating. Some fans are even taking things to a whole new level by sending death threats toward one of the stars involved in the TV relationship.

Lashley speaks on relationship, death threats

The Bobby Lashley and Lana relationship emerged as part of a wild episode of WWE Raw on USA several weeks ago. It included an on-stage makeout session in front of Rusev. The relationship has continued to be shown on various WWE programs, and now it’s become part of Lana’s social media.

Lana has been using public displays of affection for Lashley on her social media to show the angle. She’s also doing so on her YouTube channel in a recent video.

In the YouTube video below, Lana and Bobby Lashley are together for a fun segment and interaction to play up their recent “relationship.” During the opening moments of the video, Lana rests her head on Lashley’s shoulder then introduces him as “Bobby Lashley…currently the love of my life…boom, boom I said it.” She also says, “I hope you guys are tuning in to Monday Night Raw because it’s just really steamy hot right now.”

From there, they play a game to see how well Lashley knows Lana, but some interesting comments arrive around the 5:07 mark in the video.

Bobby asks Lana if they should talk about all the “heat” they’ve received over the Raw situation. Lana asks him about the sorts of comments he’s received.

Lana asked him about hateful comments and he said he received some including threats on his life.

“Oh yea, I get…things I don’t want to say on camera right now…vulgar, they put death threats, there’s a lot of different things,” Lashley says in the video. “But you know what I’m not a hard person to find and if anybody has anything to say about me they can just come see me.”

Lashley continued, “I’m not saying I’m gonna fight everyone that disapproves of what we’re doing but yeah I’m not gonna back down from stupidity.” He adds, “I’m a lover, not a fighter.”

Is Bobby Lashley really with Lana?

WWE, Bobby Lashley, and Lana want fans to think so, but for entertainment purposes. At the end of the video, Lana reiterates that she and Lashley are in love with one another, in case anyone didn’t see Raw.

However, they aren’t really in any reported relationship, and Lana is still officially married to Rusev, so that’s the reality of things. That said, some fans do find it to be a disrespectful storyline, but WWE has been down this road before. They had a situation involving Lana, Dolph Ziggler, Summer Rae, and Rusev years ago. It also involved an on-television kiss between Lana and another man, before she was married.

Digging back into history, even beyond that, there have been other instances of the fake on-television relationship or cheating storylines. Some of those on-television events drew from real life a bit (Matt Hardy, Edge, and Lita), but for the most part, they are stories.

While fans may not love every storyline that WWE introduces, it’s an unnecessary extreme to threaten a superstar’s life over something from scripted television.

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