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Impact Wrestling Hard to Kill PPV recap, results, and grades

Impact Wrestling Hard to Kill PPV recap,
Tessa Blanchard worked the main event of Impact Wrestling Hard to Kill. Pic credit: Impact Wrestling

Tonight was the first Impact Wrestling PPV of the year with Hard to Kill. There are several title matches, but the biggest draw was Tessa Blanchard trying to become the first female in professional wrestling history to win a world championship.

Here is the recap, results, and grades for Impact Wrestling Hard to Kill.

Ken Shamrock vs. Madman Fulton

Fulton comes to the ring with former tag team champions OVE, Dave and Jake Crist. Ken Shamrock looks amazing for his age — ripped and jacked. At the same time, Fulton looks like a monster.

The match saw OVE interfere and get kicked out of ringside. The end came when Shamrock dislocated Fulton’s shoulder. The referee considered stopping the match, but Fulton refused to give up.

Shamrock locked in the Rings of Saturn, and Fulton finally had to give up.

Winner: Ken Shamrock (** 1/2)

X-Division Championship: Ace Austin vs. Trey

This match came about due to Trey winning a number one contenders match. However, it got personal when Ace Austin decided he wanted to hit on Trey’s mom.

Trey’s mom was at ringside for this match, and Austin took plenty of chances to use her to distract Trey.

The match was a hard-fought bout with Trey looking great in his first singles title opportunity. However, Austin is a star, and he ended up winning with the RANA.

Winner” Ace Austin (***)

Knockouts Championship: Taya Valkyrie vs. Jordynne Grace vs. ODB

This match was supposed to be Taya Valkyrie, the longest-reigning Knockouts Champion in history, against Jordynne. However, ODB was put into the match (probably to help her after her food truck burned down).

The match was not very good. It was slow and plodding, and the three just took turns hitting their moves. It ended when Jordynne hit the Grace Driver on ODB, but then Bravo interfered, and Taya stole the pin.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie (**)

Rob Van Dam vs. Brian Cage

Rob Van Dam has a new gimmick where he is an arrogant heel who would rather make out with women than anything. This match was pretty much nothing.

RVD brought a chair in, and the announcers seemed confused but assumed it must be ECW rules. He hit the Van-Daminator on Brian Cage, who was busted open and out of commission. The referee stopped the match.

Winner: Rob Van Dam by ref stoppage (*)

Rob Van Dam vs. Daga

Daga came into the ring to help out Brian Cage. However, RVD attacked him, and the referee rang the bell for a new match even though Daga didn’t look like he was there to wrestle.

This was a little better since Daga got in some offense, but RVD moved in slow motion and hit the Five Star Frog Splash for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam (* 1/2)

Michael Elgin vs. Eddie Edwards

The Call Your Title Shot Trophy is on the line in this match, which Eddie Edwards owned, but Michael Elgin stole. Whoever has this can go for a title shot anytime they want it (it’s like the Money in the Bank briefcase but for any title).

This was a hard-hitting match, as expected, and both men looked great. The match lasted over 20 minutes and it was Eddie Edwards that got the win after a buckle bomb and a cradle.

This was the best match on the card to this point.

Winner: Eddie Edwards (****)

Moose vs. Rhino

Unlike the RVD match that was announced as a regular match only to allow chairs, this was announced from the start as a No DQ match.

This, of course, allowed the babyface Rhino to bring in a table to attempt his Gore through. He did put Moose through it but took the ref out too.

That allowed Moose to rebound and hit his spear for the three count and the win.

Winner: Moose (***)

Tag Team Championship: The North vs. Willie Mack and Rich Swann

This match was in question since Rich Swann was injured last week.

Willie Mack chose to go 2-on-1 for the titles since Swann was ruled out via injury.

The match was then set up to show how great Willie Mack is, after suffering from self-doubt thanks to Rich Swann’s rapid rise to the top. In that matter, Mack looked incredible.

Mack had fans believing he could beat The North on his own, and he almost did, but the numbers game was too much, and The North won with the double team spinebuster for the win.

Winners: The North (*** 1/2)

Impact Wrestling World Championship: Sami Callihan vs. Tessa Blanchard

Sami attacked at the bell and then hit a piledriver, which Tessa somehow kicked out from. Tessa then hit her finishing move, the Magnum, and Sami kicked out.

Sami Callihan dominated Tessa Blanchard, but she refused to give up, and the fans were all on her side in this match. Callihan even hit the powerbomb on Tessa through a table.

Tessa was great in this match and showed she could compete with Sami Callihan. The fact that she kicked out of multiple piledrivers is questionable, but she looked like a star and won with the DDT.

Tessa Blanchard is the first-ever professional wrestling world champion.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard (***)

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