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Hulk Hogan WWE return: Hogan says things are moving ‘quite quickly’ for his wrestling return

Hulk Hogan WWE return: Hogan says things are moving quickly for his wrestling return
Hulk Hogan WWE return – Pic credit: WWE

Hulk Hogan has been out of the WWE for three years now, fired by the company after a controversial tape leaked online. Now, the word is a Hulk Hogan WWE return is in the works.

The entire ordeal might finally be coming to an end as Hulk Hogan said in a recent interview at Legends of the Ring that he is possibly on his way back to the WWE.

“Things are moving in that direction quite quickly,” Hogan said. “It’s all about execution and timing and the right place and the right time but things are good.”

Hulk Hogan originally had the embarrassment of a sex tape leaked online that involved him and the wife of his then-close friend Bubba the Love Sponge. That was bad enough, but then Gawker released the audio from the tape and that involved Hogan making racial slurs about a business associate of his daughter Brooke.

The WWE did not fire Hogan for the release of the sex tape, as they have a policy of not punishing superstars for things that are out of their control — such as leaked personal tapes and images. However, when the audio hit, the WWE had to take a stand.

Not only did the WWE fire Hulk Hogan, but they removed him from their online WWE Hall of Fame and eliminated almost all of the mention of him from the website. They also ordered announcers and other wrestlers not to mention his name on WWE television programming.

Now, there is little chance that a Hulk Hogan WWE return will involve him wrestling again, but putting him back into the company as someone who can travel and represent the company — and maybe even talk about social issues using his own story — could be what the two sides have in mind.

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