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Hulk Hogan explains how he got backstage heat in WWE because of CM Punk

Hulk Hogan explains how he got backstage heat in WWE because of CM Punk
Hulk Hogan talks getting heat from CM Punk. Pic credit: WWE

There are a ton of stories about wrestlers getting heat in the back of WWE due to their actions around other wrestlers.

At one time, The Miz had heat that was so strong that he was forced to get dressed and ready for matches in broom closets because he wasn’t allowed in the locker room.

Guys like The Young Bucks and Joey Ryan were not allowed into WWE because when they tried out, they got heat with other established wrestlers.

In WWE, there was a Wrestler’s Court at one time where Undertaker and JBL oversaw hearings and passed out punishment to wrestlers who did things the wrong way backstage, earning massive amounts of heat.

With that said, no one could imagine that a man with decades of wrestling experience could get heat by ignoring a wrestler who always rubbed people the wrong way, but it happened to Hulk Hogan.

Hogan was on the Steve Austin podcast and was talking about making his return for the Monday Night Raw 15th Anniversary special. Hogan said that he did not say hello to CM Punk when he came into the locker room and had heat with the boys backstage as a result.

“I walked into the dressing room for the Raw 15th Anniversary and there was a guy there named CM Punk, I don’t know who he is,” Hogan said. “I heard I had heat because I didn’t say ‘Hi’ to him.”

The crazy thing is that, when Hulk Hogan did this, CM Punk was the ECW world champion and was still working on proving he was good enough for a push on the main shows. This was six months before Punk even made it to Raw.

Hulk Hogan didn’t know who CM Punk was because he was not on regular television, and it is a strong possibility Hogan didn’t pay attention to the WWECW show on Syfy.

CM Punk wasn’t even on the episode.

For his part, Hogan did explain that his life at home was falling apart and he was only interested in doing the job that night for the episode of Raw and then getting back home to try to work on his home life

The 15th anniversary of Monday Night Raw took place just weeks after Linda Hogan filed for divorce. Saying hi to someone he didn’t even know wasn’t at the forefront of his mind.