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How old is Diamond Dallas Page: DDP returning to ring next week on AEW Dynamite

How old is Diamond Dallas Page: DDP returning to ring next week on AEW Dynamite
Diamond Dallas Page is returning to wrestle for AEW. Pic credit: AEW

In a shocking move, Diamond Dallas Page is getting back into the ring to wrestle again for AEW Wrestling.

A few weeks ago, DDP came to the ring to award MJF a diamond ring for winning a tournament. MJF mocked him, and then he and his bodyguard Wardlow roughed him up.

Last week, MJF came out and made a list of ridiculous demands for Cody Rhodes if the American Nightmare wants to wrestle him. Tonight, Cody would not give the answer.

As a result, MJF came out and called Cody a coward and a POS. He counted down to 10 to get Cody out to the ring, and when Rhodes never showed up, MJF started to run him down when DDP’s music started.

The return of Diamond Dallas Page to AEW

The fans loved it, and DDP soaked in the cheers, plugging his social media accounts and DDP Yoga.

Then, he turned his attention to MJF and asked the fans if they believed he had one more match left in him.

However, MJF called out The Butcher, Blade, and Bunny and then gave DDP an ultimatum. He told DDP to kiss his ring and get out of his company, or they would send him to hospice. When MJF said he would take one of his Diamond Daughters, and they would feel the Bang, DDP attacked.

He hit the Diamond Cutter on Butcher and Blade, but then MJF hit him in the nuts before QT Marshall, and Dustin Rhodes ran in for the save.

Next week on AEW Dynamite, The Butcher, Blade, and MJF will battle Dustin Rhodes, QT Marshall, and Diamond Dallas Page.

How old is Diamond Dallas Page?

Diamond Dallas Page is 63 years old. He is 10 years older than Dustin Rhodes, who people are impressed can still go at his age.

However, thanks to his DDP Yoga, Page is in better shape than men half his age.

With that said, there is a lot of ring rust here.

Diamond Dallas Page has not wrestled since April 2016 when he was in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 32. He also competed in the Royal Rumble in 2015.

However, DDP has not wrestled in a regular match since 2011 when he teamed with Kevin Nash to go to a draw with the Rock N Roll Express for AWE. That was in October 2011, so it was just over eight years ago.

AEW Dynamite airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on TNT.

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