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Goldberg apologizes for WWE Super Showdown match with Undertaker, Matt Riddle calls him ‘unsafe’

Goldberg apologizes for WWE Super Showdown match with Undertaker, Matt Riddle calls him 'unsafe'
Bill Goldberg apologizes to his fans after his Undertaker match from Super Showdown. Pic credit: WWE

WWE Super Showdown took place yesterday from Saudi Arabia and the main event saw 52-year-old Bill Goldberg battle 54-year-old Undertaker in an outdoor match in 100-degree heat.

As expected under those conditions, the match left a lot to be desired.

Goldberg came to the ring with blood already on his head from headbutting the door in the locker room to get psyched (an old habit from WCW).

However, when the match started, it was very exciting — although exactly like the match between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar a few years back. Goldberg hit two spears and almost pinned Undertaker in seconds.

Undertaker did fight back but then Goldberg took another hit to the head, started bleeding heavily, and was clearly out on his feet. He couldn’t lift Undertaker for the Jackhammer and almost dropped ‘Taker on his head.

He couldn’t help get up for the Tombstone and ended up losing via chokeslam instead. Undertaker looked angry and Goldberg was legit injured.

Goldberg left a message for his fans after WWE Super Showdown apologizing for the match quality and said that he let them down.

That comment about people who “found ‘pleasure'” might have been directed towards WWE NXT star Matt Riddle.

Riddle was relentless online and posted a number of things online. He started off by mocking Goldberg bleeding before the match even started.

He posted a video making fun of Goldberg’s kneebar on Undertaker in the match (Riddle is a former UFC fighter and knows what they should look like).

After the match, Riddle posted a video that he later deleted calling Goldberg an “unsafe” wrestler who got over once but has hurt too many people in his career.

Remember, it was Goldberg who kicked Bret “The Hitman” Hart in the head, severely concussing him and ending his career on the spot.

Riddle later took to Twitter to back up his video claims in a more pointed written explanation, saying that he loves wrestling and gets mad when “certain people” are “unsafe, dangerous and a liability to everyone else.”

He then called Undertaker a “true legend” to make sure everyone knew he was talking about Goldberg.

Matt Riddle finally finished his rant by sending a message to fans who were not happy with his comments about Bill Goldberg at WWE Super Showdown.

WWE Super Showdown took place on Friday from Saudi Arabia and is available to stream on WWE Network.

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