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Former UFC legend Dan Severn talks Brock Lesnar’s impact in WWE

Former UFC legend Dan Severn talks Brock Lesnar’s impact in WWE
Dan Severn says people need to respect what Brock Lesnar has done. Pic credit: WWE

Brock Lesnar gets a lot of hate these days due to the fact that he is a part-time star who held the Universal title for a long time, barely ever showing up on television.

With that hatred, comes fans who dismiss his work, complaining about his move set and claiming that he does nothing, despite that same set being a source of excitement just a few short years ago. However, the days of highflyers have sort of moved the MMA style to the background.

When it comes to MMA, one man who is a legend is Dan Severn, one of the pioneers of the UFC. He, along with Ken Shamrock, helped make UFC the hottest company in the country in a short time.

Both men also worked for WWE at the same time.

Ken Shamrock was on his way to the main event before he asked to leave so he could return to the UFC and then made his way back to WWE. Strangely, the two men never feuded in WWE despite being one of the top feuds in the early days of the UFC.

“Vince McMahon, his creative team, they missed out on a great opportunity,” Severn told Wrestling Inc. “If you look at MMA guys crossing over professional wrestling, we were just before our time or we were the pioneers of that.”

He then looked at Brock Lesnar and said that WWE fans are seeing something special in The Beast.

“The man has made a lot of money in both industries so I can’t say anything bad about that,” Severn said. “Ultimately, he’s evolved in an industry that you don’t have a long career.”

Severn also realizes that Lesnar made smart business decisions. He said when he was in UFC, there was no money to make there. Severn said he made most his money in WWE, much like Lesnar has in recent years.

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