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Finn Balor heel turn: NXT star shocks the system, helps Undisputed Era by attacking Gargano

finn balor on the october 23 episode of wwe nxt
Finn Balor surprised fans with a shocking heel turn on the Oct. 23 episode of NXT. Pic credit: WWE NXT screencap

When former NXT Champion Finn Balor returned to his original stomping grounds, many fans felt like it might be some sort of demotion.

However, Balor is shaking up the landscape and rediscovering himself in a major way. Wednesday’s episode of WWE NXT involved a Finn Balor heel turn as he doublecrossed Johnny Gargano and seemingly joined forces with Undisputed Era.

Or did he?

Finn Balor makes a shocking heel turn

The main event was an all-time classic featuring Roderick Strong defending his NXT North American Championship against Keith Lee and Dominic Dijakovic.

In a thrilling match, Strong ended up retaining the title and celebrated with Undisputed Era as they took out Lee and Dijakovic. That brought out some new opposition.

Tommaso Ciampa arrived at the ring on his crutch and then Johnny Gargano made his return to stand with him. Next, Finn Balor came out to join the former DIY team.

He exchanged looks with Ciampa and Gargano as if he was ready to fight. However, instead of helping to attack UE, Balor delivered a Pele Kick on Gargano and Undisputed took Ciampa down.

Balor watched from the ring corner as they continued to beat down Ciampa.

Balor would deliver more damage to Gargano at ringside. He sent him into the guardrail with a missile dropkick and then a DDT on the ramp. Balor didn’t necessarily join Undisputed Era at that moment but seemed to show some signs of his Bullet Club days.

Finn pointed at the laid out Gargano on the ring apron before leaving the scene. Is he putting Gargano and Ciampa on notice by joining Undisputed, or is he bringing Bullet Club back to NXT? Maybe everyone should be on notice after Finn’s actions on NXT.

Finn’s return to NXT included confronting Cole

Weeks ago, Balor made his huge return to the place that launched his WWE career. He was back on NXT, this time confronting its current champion Adam Cole.

In the video clip below, watch as Balor arrives in the ring to put Undisputed Era’s leader on notice. After Wednesday’s events, it still appears that could be the case, but anything’s possible based on who Finn attacked.

Major speculation has started up over Balor’s actions on the latest NXT. Will he ultimately join Adam Cole and Undisputed Era? Could Finn have his own plan in store for a faction on NXT to assist him with the numbers game?

Maybe it’s leading to a huge Survivor Series match? As Jim “JR” Ross used to say, “business is about to pick up” for the NXT program and it should keep fans heavily invested.

Fans can watch WWE NXT on Wednesdays on USA at 8/7c.

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