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Edge returns on WWE Monday Night Raw, takes out WWE superstar with Con-Chairto

Edge returns on WWE Monday Night Raw, takes out WWE superstar with Con-Chairto
Edge was back on Monday Night Raw this week. Pic credit: WWE

Last week, Randy Orton showed up on Monday Night Raw while Beth Phoenix was out to give an update on her husband Edge.

However, after Orton explained why he attacked Edge six weeks ago, he then dropped Phoenix with an RKO.

This week, Edge was back for vengeance.

Edge returns to WWE Monday Night Raw

The WWE Monday Night Raw commentators were letting fans know that Edge was coming tonight and would deal with Randy Orton.

At the start of the third hour, MVP was in the ring.

The former Ruthless Aggression star said he was no longer a wrestler but planned to make a difference anyway and said that he wanted to manage Edge.

As he spoke to the fans about his plans, an SUV pulled up in the parking garage and Edge got out, looking focused and determined.

He went straight to the ring.

When he got there, he took the mic from MVP and called out Randy Orton, telling him to grow some balls and get out to the ring.

MVP started telling Edge that he didn’t have his mind straight and needed to focus. MVP then crossed the line and asked how Beth was.

Edge turned around and immediately hit a spear on MVP.

That is when Randy Orton came out of nowhere and attacked Edge. The two fought.

Then, shockingly, Edge hit Orton’s own RKO onto Randy and then left the ring to get a chair. He grabbed a second chair and slid in when Orton rolled out and tried to get away.

Edge let Randy Orton go and turned his attention to MVP.

Just like when Orton put the chair under Edge’s head six weeks ago and hit the Con-Chairto on him, Edge did the same thing to MVP.

Orton looked on in shock and then Edge yelled this is Orton, and hit MVP with a seconde Con-Chairto.

Then, Edge gave chase and Orton ran for his life to the back.

Randy Orton left the arena

Randy Orton vs. Edge at WrestleMania 36

This will all lead to the big match at WrestleMania 36, where Randy Orton and Edge are set to battle.

The match was set up with the Randy Orton attack six weeks ago and it should be the perfect return match for Edge — to fight someone he knows well in the ring and trusts.

Expect a stipulation to be added in the next three weeks as the Road to WrestleMania continues.

WWE WrestleMania 36 takes place on April 5 on WWE Network. 

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