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Dustin Rhodes explains why he left WWE for AEW and Double or Nothing

Dustin Rhodes explains why he left WWE for AEW and Double or Nothing
Dustin Rhodes talks about why he left WWE for AEW Wrestling and his brother Cody Rhodes. Pic credit: AEW

Dustin Rhodes has worked in WWE for over two decades as one of the Attitude Era’s biggest stars Goldust.

However, Dustin left WWE earlier this year and announced that he was heading to AEW to join his brother Cody Rhodes’ new up-and-coming wrestling promotion.

Not only that, but Dustin Rhodes vs. Cody Rhodes will be one of the biggest matches at the company’s first PPV this weekend in AEW Double or Nothing. This is a match that Dustin and Cody wanted in WWE but never got a chance to do on a big stage.

However, that wasn’t the main reason Dustin left WWE. The elder Rhodes son chose to remain diplomatic, which is no surprise for someone with the respect he has for the industry, but he was also blunt.

“I asked for my release because I wanted to have freedom,” Rhodes told Wrestling Inc. “I was going nowhere at that point and when you’re not involved in a storyline and you’re trying to get involved in a storyline, it’s heartbreaking for everybody up there.”

This also wasn’t because Dustin wasn’t trying. He said that he wanted to do much more as Goldust but wasn’t getting anything started.

“Let’s face it, the creative team in the other company…you pitch so many ideas and nothing ever gets done,” Rhodes said. “They never take your idea seriously and then you have to bypass them and go to the boss.”

Dustin Rhodes said one of the reasons that AEW is going to be so successful is that they are looking at pushing the creative aspects of professional wrestling.

“Everybody’s gonna be in his rearview mirror and he’s out to prove a point,” Dustin said of his brother Cody. “He’s Dusty’s son and he’s got that knack of entertainment and the smart business savvy sense that Dad had with booking and creating.”

AEW Double or Nothing takes place on Saturday, May 25, at 7/6c on PPV.

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