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Drew McIntyre says social media ruins mystique in WWE

Drew McIntyre says social media ruins mystique in WWE
Drew McIntyre talks about the good and bad that comes with social media and WWE. Pic credit: WWE

A lot of wrestlers use social media to promote themselves and move feuds forward (Becky Lynch). Other use it to pull back the curtain and show what they are really like outside of WWE (Rusev). Others just like to troll (Seth Rollins).

However, one WWE superstar who is not a fan of social media interaction between wrestlers and fans is Drew McIntyre, who says that it ruins the mystique of WWE.

“Kurt Angle was willing to do that for me and Baron Corbin to get us over,” McIntyre said on the Not Sam Wrestling podcast (via Wrestling Inc). “I assure you I did not tweet, ‘Thank you to my buddy Kurt for that,’ with my arm around him pointing at the camera, a lot of people do. It is not good business; the mystique is gone.”

With that said, McIntyre said there is a lot of good when it comes to social media as well, as it brings so many people together. However, he said that it no longer allows professional wrestlers to be “larger than life.”

A perfect example came after AEW Fyter Fest. Jon Moxley and Joey Janela destroyed each other, throwing each other through barbed wire and onto thumbtacks. Then, after the show, Moxley posted this:

With that in mind, there is one other area that Drew McIntyre likes on social media. He likes it when people make negative comments in a constructive manner (unlike Seth Rollins, who hates anyone who “steps up to him” on social media).

“Occasionally I will get something, and I will think this person has a point,” McIntyre said. “I appreciate the positive comments that evoke that point as well, not just hoping for a like or a retweet.”

Drew McIntyre also said he loves to get death threats, which he does on Instagram. He said his wife will tell him how many death threats he is getting and he will say that it is “excellent” because it means he is doing his job right in WWE.

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