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Did Roman Reigns fake Leukemia? Leukemia organization defends WWE star, calls out fans who think it was faked

Leukemia organization defends Roman Reigns, calls out fans who think it was faked
Roman Reigns returned after beating leukemia once again. Pic credit: WWE

A lot of WWE fans have started claiming that WWE faked Roman Reigns leukemia diagnosis but one leukemia charity organization has come out swinging at those disillusioned fans.

When Roman Reigns came back in four months with his leukemia in remission, many fans who know little about that form of cancer claimed his healthy appearance, full head of hair and work in a minor role in the movie Hobbs & Shaw meant that he never had leukemia.

UK’s Leukaemia Care said that the fans who claim that don’t know what they are talking about.

Roman Reigns leukemia — the truth

WWE is a publicly traded company. While they portray characters involved in fictional storylines, the company has said from the beginning that Roman Reigns leukemia was not a fictional storyline.

Some fans thought WWE did it just to make Roman Reigns popular again for fans who had turned on him in recent years.

Roman Reigns had leukemia when he was younger and it came back. He had to leave while serving as the WWE Universal Champion to undergo treatment again.

What is leukemia?

UK’s Leukaemia Care [the U.K. spelling] sent out a tweet with a number of questions that fans had when they saw Roman Reigns in appearances during his treatment and how he looked when he returned last night on WWE Monday Night Raw.

Here is what the leukemia organization — who specializes in this form of cancer — said to fans who likely know nothing about it outside of what they might have read on the Internet.

“Back to basics. Leukaemia is a cancer. It affects people of all ages. There are four main types of cancer: ALL, AML, CLL and CML. However, there are other types and subtypes. LEUKAEMIA IS COMPLICATED!”

“DON’T FORGET – We do not KNOW what type of leukaemia he has. Therefore, NONE of us are in a position to question his treatment, how he should look etc.”

Roman Reigns beat leukemia once. He had experience with his form of leukemia from once before — when he beat it — and that experience helped speed his recovery this time around as well.

While some people might claim that if Roman Reigns can beat leukemia with this form of treatment in four months, why can’t anyone? Well, Reigns never had a guarantee he would beat it again.

Instead of claiming the WWE made it up, maybe more people should appreciate the fact that Roman Reigns fought for his life — and won that battle again.

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