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Diamond Dallas Page wants to see WWE and AEW go head-to-head

Diamond Dallas Page wants to see WWE and AEW go head-to-head
Diamond Dallas Page is excited about AEW. Pic credit: WWE

A lot of wrestling fans are excited about the arrival of AEW, remembering how great wrestling was when WCW and WWE were both in existence. Honestly, only huge WWE marks who hate professional wrestling, in general, seem to hate the arrival of a new company.

With that in mind, many veteran wrestlers are also excited – especially those who lived through the Monday Night Wars.

Stone Cold Steve Austin returned to the podcasting world this week, and his guest was AEW president Tony Khan. Austin said in his podcast that it is an exciting time to be a wrestling fan.

Another is Diamond Dallas Page, who just did a sit-down interview with legendary Pro Wrestling Illustrated editor Bill Apter.

Page has been by Cody Rhodes side through his transition into AEW, even walking him to the ring in last year’s All In in Chicago, a precursor to what became AEW.

In the interview, Page said that he loves WWE, and the company has been good to him. He also said that he is not signing with AEW in any role but is there for Cody to talk to when he has questions and wants an honest no BS answer.

When it comes to WWE and AEW going head-to-head, Diamond Dallas Page admitted that they are very different than the old WWE and WCW Monday Night Wars. At the same time, Page said that they are going to be on different nights, so fans can watch and enjoy both shows – deciding which one they like better.

However, Page would love to see them on the same night.

“Because how good did they get when [WCW was] kicking their ass? They never saw that coming,” Page said (transcription via Wrestling Inc). “In the beginning, it was back and forth and then [WCW] started kicking their ass. And then their writing started… [Without WCW] The Attitude Era would have never happened.”

AEW will begin airing their weekly television show this fall on TNT.

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