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Diamond Dallas Page brings Jake The Snake Roberts back to Recovery Crib in Atlanta

Diamond Dallas Page brings Jake The Snake Roberts back to Recovery Crib in Atlanta
Diamond Dallas Page was there for Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts again when he needed it. Pic credit: AEW

Last week, Jake “The Snake” Roberts posted a Twitter message that scared a lot of his fans.

He said that it was tough being alone all the time, and the hotel room he was in “keeps shrinking.” He ended it with “Still sober,” but anyone who knows a recovering addict knows that isolation is the worst thing for anyone battling demons.

Luckily, he has a friend named Diamond Dallas Page.

DDP gave Jake an ultimatum

Jake “The Snake” Roberts moved into Diamond Dallas Page’s home in Atlanta when he was at his lowest and DDP, using kindness, tough love, and DDP Yoga, helped Jake beat his addictions.

Roberts had been addicted to drugs and alcohol for years and was close to death before his friend reached out and pulled him up before leading him to recovery.

This year, it all paid off as Roberts returned to the profession he loved when AEW hired him to become a manager for its promotion. He introduced Lance Archer and has cut some of the best promos in years for the company.

However, with the coronavirus pandemic started, DDP gave Jake an ultimatum.

Roberts told The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast that Page said if Jake left, he couldn’t come back to the house, at least until this was over with.

When AEW called, Roberts left to help them out, and then he couldn’t go back.

“He had a baby in the house, and nobody needs to be sick around a baby. He took the hard-line and said, ‘Dude, if you leave, you can’t come back.,'” Jake said.

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“I had to do it for AEW as I wanna help these guys. Now I’m paying for it brother.”

DDP gives Jake Roberts an Easter surprise

The baby was Diamond Dallas Page’s daughter, who is a cutie.

That is why DDP gave Jake such a hardline response.

However, after Roberts’ message last week, DDP made a decision to help his friend once again.

“Thinking about bringing Jake back into the the Recovery Crib (my home) with a few strict Guidelines.”

The guidelines were simple. Jake could come back, and he had to quarantine in a room by himself for six days before he could rejoin his “family.”

DDP then shared the following Easter video of his family bringing Jake an Easter surprise.

It left Jake in tears, and you might be too after watching it.

Diamond Dallas Page saved Jake “The Snake” Roberts’s life, and he is still there proving what a real friend looks like.

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