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Details on why WWE released Arn Anderson after 20 years with company

Details on why WWE released Arn Anderson after 20 years with company
Reasons why WWE fired Arn Anderson are coming out. Pic credit: WWE

WWE made some big moves last week when it comes to releasing some superstars. While some moves were not surprising, hearing that they fired producer Arn Anderson came as a shock.

Now, Dave Meltzer has some backstage information on why WWE fired Arn.

Why did WWE release Arn Anderson?

According to Meltzer, the man known as Double-A is a straight shooter. When he sees something that he considers wrong, he will tell someone about it.

According to the reports, something happened at a non-televised house show last week and Anderson took the brunt of the blame for it.

“Everyone is pretty much keeping quiet on what it was but it was an incident with Vince,” Meltzer said. “I know people who were siding with Arn, I know people siding with Vince.”

According to Meltzer, whenever talent is not happy about a storyline they are sent out to take part in, the WWE producers are asked to sell them on the idea. Arn didn’t do that and just told them to suck it up and do it.

As a result, Anderson and Vince McMahon were not on the best of terms. Meltzer even said that the two had a huge breakdown a little while back and the house show just did Anderson in.

This does come as a bit of a surprise since Anderson has big fans in John Cena and Triple H. While Triple H was not able to do anything to save Anderson’s job, Meltzer said that if Cena was still a top guy and at WWE all the time, he would have stepped up to try to save Anderson’s job.

It is also important to know that whatever happened, it was not likely because Anderson rubbed a wrestler the wrong way.

“The boys looked up to Arn because he would go to bat for us,” said one WWE source said. “Double-A would always speak his mind and sometimes that would rub people in management the wrong way so I’m always grateful because there aren’t many people like him willing to put their neck out.”

What is next for Arn Anderson?

WrestleZone reported that Arn Anderson was “not very shaken up” about his WWE release — meaning he was likely tired of things anyway.

With that said, Cody Rhodes immediately spoke about how important Arn Anderson was for the locker room and how he only had good things to say about Double-A.

With that in mind, only Billy Gunn has been named as a producer for Cody’s AEW wrestling and the company could do much worse than signing someone like Arn Anderson to come help lead the way behind-the-scenes.

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