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Dean Ambrose posts first post-WWE promo and brings back Jon Moxley [Video]

Dean Ambrose posts first post-WWE promo and brings back Jon Moxley
Dean Ambrose is Jon Moxley once again after leaving WWE. Pic credit: WWE

While there were some WWE fans holding out hope that Dean Ambrose was not really leaving, his WWE contract officially ended at midnight last night.

For those hoping that Ambrose would stop wrestling rather than move on to another promotion, he lit a fire to those dreams when he released his first promo as Jon Moxley in years just minutes after his WWE contract expired.

1.68 million people watched the promo in the first 15 hours it was up on Twitter.

The video is a promo showing Dean Ambrose in a jail cell, counting down the days. He suddenly gets anxious and starts smashing his shoulder into the wall over and over until he breaks through and escapes.

He races out, with guard dogs and armed guards in pursuit and he goes over the fence. His arm gets caught in the barbed wire at the top so he takes it and wraps it around his arm, drawing his own blood.

There are then short clips of him training and then the name MOX shows up on the screen with him holding up his bloodied arm, a fist in defiance.

Jon Moxley is back and Dean Ambrose is dead.

Moxley wrestled in CZW, which was a hardcore promotion in California before he eventually made his way to WWE. There are rumors right now that AEW has offered him a multi-million dollar deal to join their upstart promotion.

At the same time, his former WWE co-workers and fellow indie wrestling friends seem impressed.

Dean Ambrose is once again known as Jon Moxley and he is a free agent.

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